24 heures chrono back ? 2 projects of spin-offs already cancelled, but…

24 heures chrono de retour ? 2 projets de spin-offs déjà annulés, mais...

24 heures chrono back ? 2 projects of spin-offs already cancelled, but…

While some viewers are hoping to see Friends return to television, Fox will do everything possible to continue to live in the universe of 24 hours chrono. However, as has been entrusted to its president, such a project is difficult. The proof 2 ideas from spin-offs are already coming to be cancelled.

Oh no, that’s bad news !” This is a sentence that nobody will tell by reading this article. On the contrary, the recent statements of Michael Thorn – president of entertainment of the Fox, should give a smile to all fans of 24 hours chrono. Why ? Because the series will not be, again, a massacre in the near future.

Two spin-offs thrown in

Where some people are still struggling to recover from the useless season “Live Another Day” that was wrecking even the concept of 24, and that others have still not forgiven the creation of 24 – Legacy, mid-spin-off / mid-reboot, we learn today that 2 new series projects, derived just be thrown in the garbage.

The program ? The first idea of a spin-off was a series centered on the adventures of a young Jack Bauer, a bit like MacGyver, and the second idea of the spin-off was a series that incorporated the codes of 24 , but in a different universe. According to the scarce information, it could be a series of judicial combat-focused to a team of lawyers in order to save a man unjustly sentenced to death in 24 hours of its execution.

A simple counter-time ?

However, do not pack, this time to the legacy of 24 could be short-lived. Michael Thorn was then clarified, it is only a simple counter-time : “We are constantly seeking other opportunities to continue to live as such, both for us and for the fans. (…) We are all devoted to the idea of finding a different version“.

Leave Jack Bauer alone !

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