25 years after its release: “Zigrail” André Turpin restored

25 ans après sa sortie: «Zigrail» d’André Turpin restauré

“Zigrail” the first feature film by André Turpin (“A crab in the head”, “Endorphin”) as a director, shall be entitled to its version restored and scanned in high resolution in time to celebrate the 25 years of its release in the cinema.

Thanks to the Elephant: the memory of quebec cinema, the public will be able, as early as 24 July, to discover or rediscover this drama original is revealed to movie-goers in 1995 by going on the platforms of Videotron and Apple.

The work follows Andre, a Montrealer who decides to fly to Istanbul to convince his girlfriend not to have an abortion. During his journey, he plunges it deep inside him.

“”Zigrail” is not a film because it is a film of “guts”: a wake up call”, has imaged the filmmaker and director of photography in an interview with Elephant.

Featuring other featuring André Charlebois, Ariane Cordeau and Dorothée Berryman, the film was also written by André Turpin.

“There was a good part of improvisation, even if they had been tracking in Europe, and wrote a scenario. There is a certain influence of the music video, but the form and the subject were personal, he also entrusted.

He launched more than 10 years, the directory Elephant now has 230 films covering 60 years of the history of quebec cinema.

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