25 years together! Film critics chose the best character on “Friends”

About some of the characters no one even remembered

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25 лет вместе! Кинокритики выбрали лучшего персонажа "Друзей"

Scene from the TV series “Friends”

The cult TV series “Friends” celebrates this year its 25th anniversary since the release. However, it became known that the series will not get any sequels, no movies. However, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the “Friends” edition of IndieWire found out who of the characters of the cult TV series is the best. This was done through a survey of television and film critics.

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The survey polled critics such reputable publications as The Hollywood Reporter, GoldDerby, Deen of Geek, Rolling Stone. Opinions were divided: someone favourite character was Chandler, who the best character is called Phoebe, and someone even offered to give the palm to the undeservedly forgotten Chick and Ute. For Phoebe played by Lisa Kudrow gave their votes criticism of NPR.

For Joey, gave their votes criticism of the editions of Monsters & Critics and IndieWire, selecting the character on-screen charisma of Matt LeBlanc.

In “unjustly neglected” the Duck and the Chick voted the critics of the portal GoldDerby, noting that “the long-running joke” with their presence in the lives of the main characters always harmoniously fit into the plot. A critic for The Hollywood Reporter Daniel Finberg joined the ranks of animal lovers saying that the best character on “Friends” is obviously monkey Ross, Marcel. Chandler Bing has won the hearts of critics from Rolling Stone, The A. V. Club, Give Me My Remote.

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Ross managed to attract a few votes – the best character on “Friends” it was called the criticism of Vox publications and IndieWire, separately noting that it is a merit of David Schwimmer.

Even in determining the best hero “Friends” the voices of the critics were divided, one thing is clear: the worst, the results of this informal vote, became Monica and Rachel, who positively did not recall any one of the critics.

We will remind, in new York, Manhattan (USA) for fans of the film “Friends” opened a special Museum where you can see the exhibits taken from the set.

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