26th Culture Days: Cynthia Wu-Maheux and Frédéric Pierre are the ambassadors

26th Days of Culture: Cynthia Wu-Maheux and Frédéric Pierre are the ambassadors


Cynthia Wu-Maheux and Frédéric Pierre are the ambassadors of the 26th Journées de la culture, which will be held in the four corners of La Belle Province from Friday September 30 to Sunday October 2. < /p>

“Culture and art are fast lanes that lead to the heart and highlight what unites us. This is why it was with great pleasure that I accepted to be an ambassador for the Journées de la culture”, said actress Cynthia Wu-Maheux, known for her roles in the series “Classé secret”, “Another story and “Trauma”, as well as in the daily newspaper “District 31”.

The complete program will be unveiled in mid-September and will take into account several dozen free and interactive artistic proposals to experience in person or online, under the theme “High and strong!”.

“Quebec culture is rich, strong. Deeply rooted in difference, she has always embodied the presence of Francophones in America. Quebecers have long been the other, and this state of affairs has fueled an ardent desire among artists to express loud and clear who they are. This is exactly what we are experiencing today through the changes that are reshaping the cultural landscape of Quebec. A burning desire on the part of the other to be validated in the us. The other is us. I am honored to be spokesperson for the Journées de la culture, and I sincerely hope that we continue to validate each other”, for his part specified the actor Frédéric Pierre, that we can see in the series “Alert”, “Cerebrum 2” and “Me neither!”.