28-day challenge: 8 mocktails to accompany your break in February

28 Day Challenge: 8 mocktails to accompany your break in February


Oh, yes! Mocktails, or mocktails, can be just as delicious as their alcoholic versions. It can be found on the menu of many bars and restaurants. It is also possible to make it at home. Here are some valuable tips to become a pro at the art of mocktailing.

“I recommend working with quality ingredients, real juice, good syrups. You have to think about the textures to compensate for the syrupy effect of the alcohol which is absent by adding a portion of smoothie, bubbles, or an emulsifier such as egg white or a vegan emulsifier. And just like for an alcoholic cocktail, always seek the balance between bitter, sweet and acid flavors. – Jessica Côté, owner of Kwe Cocktails.

“Using good non-alcoholic spirits as a base is a good idea, such as Noroi products, the leader in the non-alcoholic category! Thanks to our technology and our ways of doing things, we manage to create high quality products, very faithful to the aroma of the alcohols that inspire them. – Jonathan Robin, owner of the Noroi Distillery.

“It is important to treat mocktails like real cocktails! You can work on them both in terms of aromas and presentation, by choosing a special glass, adding ice cubes and garnishes. To replicate the sizzling side of alcohol, I suggest adding something tangy, a slice of jalapeno, a little pepper or spice. – Anton Dutot, founder and chief mixologist of Tap Tap Cocktail. 


By Clubby, Bar Le Capitole


1 1⁄2 oz cranberry juice

3⁄4 oz grapefruit juice

3⁄4 oz honey syrup

1⁄4 oz lemon juice

1⁄4 oz orange blossom water

2 drops of cranberry bitters

Mint leaves


Winter Garden

By mixologist Alima Henri-Traoré, for the Bivouac restaurant



1 1⁄2 oz rose water pepper syrup

1⁄2 oz lime juice

1⁄2 oz white cranberry juice

1⁄4 oz of egg white

Cucumber and crushed basil

A dash of tonic


Put everything in the shaker with 1 ice cube, shake well for 45 seconds then pour into the glass. 


By Maxime Boivin, author of the book Mocktails and columnist at Hi Hello



4 lime cubes < /p>

1 sprig of fresh mint

1 oz simple syrup

7 oz sparkling water


< p style="text-align:center;">In the serving glass, crush the lime cubes to extract the juice. Rub the mint between your hands without creasing it to express the aromas without the bitterness.

Drop the mint into the glass. Add ice cubes and then the rest of the ingredients. Stir with a spoon. Fill with ice cubes again, garnish with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint and serve.

Flowers & Lemon 

by Kwe Cocktails 

INGREDIENTS< /strong> 

3⁄4 oz Blueberry Lavender syrup Kwe cocktails

3 ⁄4 ​​oz lemon juice

1 dash of floral aromatic bitter (e.g. Amer Kebek Fleurs)

4 oz sparkling water


Fill a glass of ice. Add the ingredients to the glass. Gently mix with a spoon and add a sprig of lavender to garnish. 

Country sour 

By mixologist Alec Besner, for Distillerie Noroi



2 oz Esprit-du-Tennessee Noroi (non-alcoholic whiskey flavored spirit)

1⁄2 oz maple syrup

< p style="text-align:center;">1 oz fresh lemon juice

3 dashes of Noroi vegan emulsifier (instead of white egg)

Sparkling Water


Pour all the ingredients into a shaker. Add ice cubes and shake vigorously.

Strain to remove ice cubes and shake again. Pour into a highball type glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with a slice of dehydrated lemon. 

Mocktail Whiskey Sunrise

By HP Juniper, Non-Alcoholic Spirits

&nbsp ;


2 oz HP Single Malt (whiskey flavored non-alcoholic spirit)

3⁄4 cup orange juice

1⁄4 cup grapefruit flavored sparkling water

1⁄2 oz grenadine syrup

< p style="text-align:center;">Ice cubes

Fresh cranberries and orange slices for garnish  

Martini Vibrant Spritz 

By Martini



3 parts Martini Vibrante (non-alcoholic aperitif with Italian bergamot orange)

1 part grapefruit juice  

Top up with soda  

Ice cream 

A strip of grapefruit zest to decorate  

El Chapo 

< p>By Anton Dutot, founder and chief mixologist of Tap Tap Cocktail 


1 oz of Noroi Spirit-of-Italy alcohol-free Aperitivo

1 to 3 jalapeno slices

1 1⁄2 oz grapefruit juice

1 ⁄2 oz simple syrup

1⁄2 scoop vanilla extract

1⁄2 oz lime juice



Cut a grapefruit wedge and slide it around the rim of the glass. Dip the rim of the glass in salt and squeeze out the excess. In a shaker, mash the jalapeno slices, add the other ingredients, shake and strain. Pour the cocktail and add ice to the glass. Decorate with the grapefruit wedge. Cheers!