2nd day to more than 70 000 cases and 1,000 deaths from the coronavirus in the United States

2ème jour à plus de 70 000 cas et 1 000 morts du coronavirus aux États-Unis

WASHINGTON | The United States reported Friday for the second consecutive day over 70, 000 cases of coronavirus and 1 000 deaths a day, according to the count at 20: 30 local the Johns Hopkins university.

In 24 hours, the country has recorded about 73 800 new cases of Covid-19 (76 500 the day before) and complained more than 1 150 people dead (1. 225 standby), according to the university, which updates its numbers continuously.

The total number of infections diagnosed on american soil since the beginning of the pandemic is 4.1 million (of which 1.26 million people reported healed).

The United States, which are by far the most affected country in the world in absolute value, are in total more than 145 000 deaths Covid-19.

After an improvement at the end of the spring, the epidemic known since the end of June a strong increase, especially in States heavily populated south and west of the country, such as Texas, Florida or California.

For the last 11 days, the level of new infections detected every 24 hours is not passed in below the mark of 60 000.

And the curve of deaths has also started to rise again, with a delay of a few weeks. The scientific consensus is that the wave of death follows three or four weeks the infections.

After be regularly ironed at below 500 dead around the end of June, the balance sheets daily and have exceeded 1 000 people die every day of these past three days.

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