2nd wave of COVID-19 in China: “It is really scary,” says a resident of Beijing

2e vague de COVID-19 en Chine: «Ça fait très peur», raconte une résidente de Pékin

At a time when the people began to be able to breathe again in Beijing, new closures are announced everywhere.

Marianne Daquet, a resident of Beijing for 14 years, and founder of an art school, is extremely concerned by this new wave of cases of COVID-19.

“We were starting to see the end, for entrepreneurs like me and, in the end, it lasted for two weeks. While the world is collapsing, it has been so long that no one is ready to try again. It is a terrible thing”, she told in an interview with Mario Dumont at QUB radio.

Marianne Daquet, a resident of Beijing for 14 years, has founded a school of art there 8 years ago and is the mother of three children.

She is very worried about the situation in China, since the origin of these new cases of COVID, which are declared after a lull of 56 days is still not known.

Listen to the testimony of Marianne Daquet on QUB radio:

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