3 islands to discover by bike

3 islands to discover by bike


Pedaling on an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, admiring the coastal landscapes that pass by and stopping as you discover things, is riding towards a change of scenery! Here are three islands for cycling between fields and tides. 

1. ISLE-AUX-GRUES< /strong>


A small island off the coast of Montmagny, Isle-aux-Grues is accessible by boat at high tide, according to the schedule indicated on the traversiers.com website. After leaving their car on the coast, visitors board the ferry on foot, accompanied or not by their bike, since three rental companies are present on the island, as well as a public transport service and a train ride . 

A 7.2 km “T” circuit on paved pavement shows the way for cyclists wishing to explore the island, while the Chemin de la Batture, an accessible compacted gravel road by mountain or hybrid bike, guides them to Ile-aux-Oies. The route is relatively flat, perfect for combining physical activity, observation of fauna and flora, as well as contemplation of the landscapes. 

Athletes will leave their bikes behind for a hike in the Jean-Paul-Riopelle Nature Reserve, among its over 300-year-old maple trees. A paradise for ornithologists with its 250 species of birds, some of which are rare, Isle-aux-Grues also attracts foodies to its cheese dairy. 

To plan: montmagnyetlesiles.chaudiereappalaches.com 



Isle-aux-Coudres promises 360 degrees of panoramas to be admired along its 40 km of cycle paths surrounding it and sometimes weaving through an orchard, meadows and borage. The ferry departing from Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive docked immediately, cyclists park their cars in one of the municipal parking lots before getting on their bikes. 

A rental center also offers them frames for all types of cyclists. Hybrids, urban, electric, several models of tandems and quadricycles, then bicycles for children and others that can accommodate an adult and a child accommodate the whole family. 

It is about a destination for young and old alike, due to its low gradient and the happy coexistence of cyclists and vehicles on the road. 

The many gourmet stops, shops, museums, cultural events, accommodation sites and the welcome reserved by the porpoises (a friendly nickname given to locals) make you want to extend your island getaway for a few days.

►To plan: tourismeisleauxcoudres.com 


Orleans Island

Very popular with cyclists who want to cover the 67 kilometers that surround it or sting through the fields by one of the three roads that cross it, Île d'Orléans near Quebec is a destination for vigilant cyclists. < /p>

These travel on Royal Road (Route 368), also used by residents traveling by car, to which are added the many tourists in this season, not to mention agricultural vehicles. Caution is advised, especially where there is no shoulder. 

Sunrise and sunset are therefore good times to pedal peacefully, while the island is its finery, lulled by a soft light. 

The rhythm of a visit by bike rather than by car allows you to discover the personalities and characteristics of the six municipalities that are home to the island d'Orléans, then to see some 125 tourist businesses springing up on its way to be encouraged. U-pick, vineyards, market gardeners, restaurants, artisans, historic sites, cultural spaces… Discovery begins on the other side of the bridge. 

►To plan: < strong>tourisme.iledorleans.com