$3 million in aid for victims of violence in the cultural sector

Aid of $3 million for victims of violence in the cultural milieu< /p> UPDATE DAY

People working in the cultural sector who have been victims of harassment and violence will be able to be represented free of charge thanks to new government assistance of $3 million for the Juripop Legal Clinic. “It's a giant step today for the cultural community,” said Juripop's general manager, Sophie Gagnon.

Additional financial assistance of $3 million over three years will allow Aparté, a Juripop resource, to support artists and cultural workers in matters of harassment and violence in the cultural sector .

The Minister of Culture and Communications, Mathieu Lacombe, made the announcement Tuesday morning, along with Me Gagnon, the new president of the Union des artistes, Tania Kontoyanni, and the director general of the Union des écrivaines et Quebec writers, Laurent Dubois.

The Minister of Culture and Communications, Mathieu Lacombe.

“For several years, the cultural community has denounced the lack of available resources and the inequalities surrounding access to legal remedies in situations of psychological harassment or sexual violence, said Mr. Lacombe in a press release. Sensitive to these realities, our government took the situation seriously and acted to provide the necessary support to the cultural sector.”

“During our program evaluation surveys of the applicants we have supported, one of the comments that often came up was the fact that they would have liked having access to a representation service. We are therefore very happy to be able to meet this demand and contribute to this wind of change in the cultural industry via the Aparté”, declared Sophie Gagnon.

The General Manager of Juripop , Sophie Gagnon.