30 comedies favorite of Claude Meunier

Les 30 comédies préférées de Claude Meunier

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Ding et Dong, le film. To mark the event, The Journal asked Claude Miller lend themselves to the tedious exercise of making the list of his comedies favorite of all time. So here, in the mess, 30 works by american, european and quebec which have the most laughs, the comic to the big screen.

Ding et Dong, le film (1990)

  • Film directed by Alain Chartrand starring Claude Meunier, Serge Thériault and Raymond Bouchard.

At any lord, all honor, we start with the first film of Claude Miller. “It is the funniest of the list, according to me,” he joked. Received tièdement to its release, the film has achieved cult status with multiple people. “I’m still doing a lot to talk about. People make me replicas of the movie. The one I hear the most, and I find that this is not even funny. It is when two guys are in the thumb and they are in the tunnel and they say the taxi driver [who was played by Gildor Roy] : “in the south for 17 bucks”. It was a phrase improvised ! Yet, there was not a lot of improv in the film, in general. It was very written, except in small cases like this. “

“Quebecor, with its platform Elephant, has digitized the film recently and it is great. I’ve reviewed all re-mastered last year, and it has the air of a film that was made 10 years ago and not 30 years. The image is all cleaned up and the sound is sickening. “

“What is funny, is to see Luc Picard, and Martin Drainville, which are extras. It does not make sense ! Robert Lepage is also a small role, and it is dying. We had so much fun spinning it. It is a great memory. “

“In time, he had been wildly received by the critics because it was going very fast. It is a film that still has a good pace today, but at the time it had the air of a shoot-out ! People were saying that it was going too fast, they did not understand too. ”

The soup the duck (1933) and A night at the opera (1935)

  • Movies featuring the brothers Groucho, Chico, and Harpo Marx.

“When I was a student at the university, my idols were the Marx Brothers and Buster Keaton. I was going to see festivals at McGill or at the cinema repertoire Verdi. There was a festival of Marx Brothers. It was of jewish humour absurd and slapstick at the same time. The dialogues are mind-blowing. They have really influenced later. […] I loved the old cinema. I liked the French film. Bourvil made me die of laughter. “

The holy Grail (1975) and life of Brian (1979)

  • Films directed by Terry Jones, starring John Cleese, Terry Gilliam and Graham Chapman.

“I am a fan of the end of Monty Python. This are my great idols. It is the absurd humor. Monty Python have really been a discovery. It has been an important influence. At this time, there were The Cynics in Quebec and I listened to Monty Python on Friday night for 23 h. After that, the films have arrived and I freaked out. I liked it, I’ve seen it all. I am a really big fan. ”

The Circus (1928)

  • Film directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin.

“Dominic Champagne, [the director] had already told me that he had bought all the vhs tapes of Chaplin and that he had to play it to his children. And I’ve done it too. I spent some of the movies to my girls. They were laughing about. There are masterpieces, of course. But The Circus, I think it is his funniest. It is really hilarious, this is the most easy of access. There are scenes of surprising. It is the trapezoid with a monkey on the nose. This is so funny, that film. This is the great silent cinema. I saw there not so long ago. It is still very good. ”

Zelig (1983) and Annie Hall (1977)

  • Films directed by Woody Allen.

Zelig, I freaked out when I saw it. I found it really awesome. I love all the Woody Allen, to tell the truth. I enjoy many of his funny movies. “

Annie Hall, this is one of the greatest films of Woody Allen. What I admire a lot of Allen is that he is able to speak of his generation. It is hard to speak of his generation. It is always easier to speak of the older generation are more. But as it does so, it is really great. He has managed to make films that are realistic in putting the dialogues tasty and original. It is a great writer, a great portraitist of his generation. There is jewish humour at its best, of course. It’s really fascinating, his writing to the cinema. “

“Here it is the index to a history of atrocious [of allegations of sexual abuse]. But if we do things right, if one puts in the time, before he makes his differences, he has made great films. ”

A True Geezer (1979)

  • Film directed by Carl Reiner, starring Steve Martin.

“I’ve always found Steve Martin to be very funny. In time, I was roommate with Michel Rivard and Louis Saïa. We went to see The Jerk (A Real Geezer—) to the cinema. It was freaking out on it. It has passed for a turnip, but I laughed so hard ! It starts, Steve Martin is in a family of Blacks, and he said : I am born as a poor black child. Just like that, I laughed for half an hour. Later, he refers to the “black music” and he’s dancing all weird. Then, he hears the Benny Goodman and he starts to dance like a crazy. He then discovers that he is not black. It has no meaning. And he goes to live in the world of White. It is really curly. This is not a masterpiece, but it is really funny. “

Mars Attack ! (1996)

Film of Tim Burton with Jack Nicholson, Annette Bening and Glenn Close.

“A bit like The Jerk, this film is a completely moron. I liked it so much. I bought it and I’ve watched it several times. It was demolished [by the criticism], and then ? This is not serious. It’s funny, you can’t really do anything. “

Waiting For Guffman (1996), This Is Spinal Tap (1984) and Best in Show (2000)

  • Films written, performed, and interpreted by Christopher Guest.

Waiting For Guffman remains for me something quite exceptional. This film, I watch it about once per year. And I still laugh ! I find it hilarious. It is the same story that’Call me Stéphane, a piece that I wrote with Louis Saïa 40 years ago, but from a different angle. This is a guy who arrives in a small town and that is found in a local theatre group that mounts a show very pocket. Christopher Guest plays a gay man who came from New York and has no talent. He mounts a show that is rotten. This movie is hilarious ! “

“I have also liked This Is Spinal Tap and Best In Show. This last is perhaps my favorite of Christopher Guest. It is a film that has a lot of subtlety. When you look twice you can see many affairs that you had not noticed the first time. “

An angel called Wanda (1988)

  • Film directed by Charles Crichton, starring Kevin Kline, John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis.

“It was really a very funny film when it came out [in 1988]. I saw there not so long ago, and it is there that there is a break with a lot of comedy. It lacks pace. It seems that in the years 2000, everything has changed in the writing. With the social networks and the internet, people started to go faster, to communicate more quickly. When you watch A Fish Called Wanda [An angel called Wanda] today, it is slow. You say to yourself : this is what time the punch ? ”

“After that, the film is set to soak it in faster. Even in the writing of tv series, it goes a lot faster than at the beginning. For The Small Life, I wrote more short scenes in the last few years than at the beginning. It no longer writes the scenarios as before. ”

The brothers Blues (1980)

  • Film by John Landis, with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.

“I really loved. It was in the time of Ding and Dong. There was a madness in there. What I liked a lot of the Blues Brothers, it was a combination of the music and the humor. I thought it was a amazing time. I am a fan of Saturday Night Live. They had released a box set of the best bits of John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. It was fantastic. “

The Great deception (2003)

  • Film directed by Jean-François Pouliot, starring Raymond Bouchard, David Boutin, Benoît Brière.

“It is directed by Jean-François Pouliot, who has also done a lot of good pubs. This is a guy who is well good. He has a great sense of timing. It was a damned good film québécois and well funny. It is a really good movie, perhaps one of my favorites. ”

Les Boys (1997)

  • Film directed by Louis Saia, starring Rémy Girard, Pierre Lebeau, and Mark Messier.

“This is a classic, there are good characters. I found the first one very cool. And the second is maybe even more funny. I know everyone in there, they are good buddies. “

“Would I have been able to play in the Boys ? Not really. I was in The Small Life over the head. I wrote and produced. In fact, after three years, they’d have asked [to participate]. But I didn’t know if they wanted me to be there a lot or not. I said no because I was too busy. And also, I’m not skating really, and I didn’t want to wait hours to go for a ride on the ice (laughs). ”

De père en flic (2009)

  • Film directed by Émile Gaudreault, starring Michel Côté and Louis-José Houde.

“The first movie had a storyline very original. Louis-José Houde is a very good movie actor, I think. In Liar, he was as good. It pierces the screen. And Michael Hand, of course, there are great comedians of cinema here, and it is one of them. ”

“It is hard to make comedy here. But this film is well-crafted. Émile Gaudreault, it has a recipe. He has built teams of writers. Denise Robert is a good producer. She likes comedies. It is with it that I made The great departure. It has been super to work with it. “

Asterix and Obelix : Mission Cleopatra (2002)

  • Film directed by Alain Chabat, starring Christian clavier, Gérard Depardieu and Alain Chabat.

“I find that it is a super good movie. It is very funny. It was one of the best scenarios Goscinny, at the start. I’m a fan of COMICS in general. That, I think it is the best movies made about the adventures of Asterix. The game of Jamel Debbouze is extraordinary there. They are all good. Cleopatra, it was Monica Bellucci, anyway. It is a movie that I bought and that I often see. I have seen it with my children. I find that it is a film well funny, good, good, well and good. A comedy tripante. “

The Visitors (1993)

  • Film by Jean-Marie Poiré, with Christian clavier and Jean Reno.

“Man, I laughed ! This is a great French film, a great comedy. It is remarkable, so funny, original. This is a good scenario. I think we can look at it again and it’s still funny. ”

Good cop, Bad cop (2006)

  • Film directed by Érik Canuel, starring Patrick Huard and Colm Feore.

“I found it quite good, the first movie. It was a very good idea. Patrick Huard is a head of cinema incredible. The topic is well-developed, well done. There is a lot of action, it is very entertaining. It’s worth the Beverly Hills Cop for me. It is in the same vein. ”

Life is a long quiet river (1988)

  • Film by Étienne Chatiliez, with André Wilms, Helene Vincent and Benoît Magimel.

“I had a good laugh. As Visitors, this is the kind of French films that I like a lot. Of comfort movies. “

Dance of the vampires (1967)

  • Film of Roman Polanski .

“This is a good film very funny and punché of Roman Polanski. It is like a fairy tale of Walt Disney for adults. It is very funny. There is a little old in there, a kind of character at Albert Einstein. ”

The pink panther (1963) and Bienvenue Mister Chance (1979)

  • Movies with Peter Sellers.

“With Inspector Clouseau, it also I laughed a lot. It does not age either. I even liked the one of Steve Martin, but this is not Peter Sellers. “

“A great film of Peter Sellers, it is Being There (Welcome Mister Luck). It is sickening. This is the last film that he has done in his life. It is a very, very beautiful film. A movie about a guy so naive. Well good, in my recollection. “

The adventures of Rabbi Jacob (1973)

  • Film by Gérard Oury, with Louis de Funès.

“It is with Louis de Funès. I could also put The wing or the thigh, or The large restaurant. I laughed a lot. It’s been a long time that I’ve not seen it in full. I’ve seen excerpts the other day with de Funès, it sure is funny. “

The Dinner of cunts (1998)

  • Film by Francis Veber, with Thierry Lhermitte and Jacques Villeret.

“I liked it so much, this film. I read the piece. It is a masterpiece of theatre and live very well at the cinema. It’s so a good camera. It is funny cursed. It really is great. Jacques Villeret has no common sense in there, with Thierry Lhermitte. “

OSS 117 (2006)

  • Film by Michel Hazanavicius, with Jean Dujardin.

“It’s really entertainment. This is not the greatest comic film. Jean Dujardin makes me laugh… when he made good films (laughs) ! It could have been more dense yet, but the idea was good. His character was good. It was between the lobotomy… It was missing a little bit of brain. A nice little funny movie. “

Frankenstein Junior (1974) and The Sheriff is in prison (1974)

  • Films of Mel Brooks, with Gene Wilder.

“I’m not a big fan of Mel Brooks, because I think that he grew a little strong in his films. But Frankenstein Junior, it is a great movie ! It is really good. Blazing Saddles [The Sheriff is in prison] had me both laughing at the time. “

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