30 positive people to the COVID-19 after having been at a funeral

30 personnes positives à la COVID-19 après avoir assisté à des funérailles

At least 30 people have contracted the COVID-19 after attending a funeral in Lake Park, Minnesota.

Kathleen Keene attended the ceremony to support a friend of hers who had recently lost his father. She and her husband fell ill.

“I do not regret it went to support my friends. If only the virus didn’t exist…”, she said to CNN.

According to Mrs Keene, the people in the assembly have worn their mask and met the detachment physical fitness for the celebration.

Things would be spoiled during the lunch that followed.

“I remember being told that I would have liked to open the windows and doors. This was not good, everyone gathers in the same place”, she told.

At least five people have been hospitalized due to complications of the disease, in which the spouse of Ms. Keene.

The young woman hopes that this story will be a reminder to people about the fact that the virus must be taken seriously.

It also aims to help the research by giving blood for a study on antibodies developed by patients for the coronavirus.

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