30 years of the Oka crisis: no shops cannabis

30 ans de la crise d'Oka: pas de commerces de cannabis

In the event of the creation of a park native in the pine forest at Oka, no commercial activity will be permitted.

“It will be strictly forbidden to set up shop cannabis “, slice the grand chief of Kanesatake, Serge Otsi Simon, who did not intend to let those who control this lucrative trade will adversely affect the project of protected area that it occupies.

It responds as well to the mayor of Oka, Pascal Quévillon, who feared that the granting of more land to the Mohawks leads to a growth of illicit activities.

“There is a minority that is likely to have intentions to use the land for its own purposes,” admits the chef, who counts on the recovery of a body of local police to bring order.

Kanesatake is no local police since 2005, the band Council has made a budget request in this direction and hope to reach a tripartite agreement with Ottawa and Quebec.

The shadow Warrior

30 years ago, ” it was about territory. But now it’s about cigarettes, pot and alcohol. All you can cheat “, recalled the negotiator, and communicator mohawk Allen Gabriel, during a public lecture at the University of St-Stephens in 2018.

Since the summer of 1990 he spent in the pine forest, Allen Gabriel denounces those who control this trade, and who took control of the barricade to Oka to defend their own interests, according to him, the Warriors.

He deplored the fact that their flag is now associated with the resistance of indigenous peoples. For him, the glorification of the Warrior is dangerous.

“These are not warriors, they are rogue,” he said at St Stephens.

Proclaimed “force sovereign” of security, these warriors are the nationalist armed that do not recognize the authority of the white government, the police, or the band councils.

Fratricidal conflicts

They defend the trade and casinos as economic engines for Aboriginal people to be freed from the subsidies of the State. However, they are not unanimous.

The warriors were at the heart of a fratricidal war at Akwesasne in April 1990, two months before the tragedy of Oka. This conflict has claimed the lives of two people. He opposed the anti-casinos gathered around the band Council, the pro-
casinos gathered around the Warriors.

To bring back the quiet, 400 police officers of the State of New York and the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) have invaded Akwesasne, while a hundred others of the Ontario police blocked the international bridge at Cornwall.

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