“300” or “Braveheart” in Ukrainian: a review of the film “Zakhar Berkut”

The main role in the film played by Robert Patrick

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"300 спартанцев" или "Храброе сердце" по-украински: обзор фильма "Захар Беркут"

“Zakhar Berkut”

Finally, the premiere of Ukrainian film “Zakhar Berkut”. Directors paintings were made by Ahtem Seitablaev (from Ukrainian side) and John Wynne (from Hollywood). The film is filled with scenes of battle, which recalled some scenes from “Game of thrones” and “300”. But more on that later.

"300 спартанцев" или "Храброе сердце" по-украински: обзор фильма "Захар Беркут"

“Zakhar Berkut”

The budget of the film amounted to 113,5 million hryvnia, and the labored international team. Wanting to conquer Hollywood film based on the novel by Ivan Franko turned into a real shooter! And to sell it in Hollywood, five major roles went to invited guests.

Thus, the role of Zakhar Berkut, the Carpathian Highlander-molfar played by Robert Patrick (remember the role liquid robot in “terminator: judgment day”. He played with dignity and the actor himself was in impressed by the costumes, and the Ukrainian Carpathians.

"300 спартанцев" или "Храброе сердце" по-украински: обзор фильма "Захар Беркут"

“Zakhar Berkut”

And though the film due to the name implies that he is a key character, yet all the attention of the picture attached to his younger son, Maxim. It was played by young actor Alex Macnicoll. His record includes more than thirty roles in films and even the rating series (“13 reasons why”, “Bones”, “criminal minds”, “the Fosters”), however, world fame is not received for a specific role. However, the character of Maxim he played a convincing vivid emotions, stunts in battle scenes, running in the woods. And that’s all predicated on him as the man who fought for freedom and won this little war against the Mongols.

"300 спартанцев" или "Храброе сердце" по-украински: обзор фильма "Захар Беркут"

Frame from the film “Zakhar Berkut”

But the antagonist in the film – Tugarov Wolf was played by another American actor Tommy Flanagan. It seemed to me that he was going to jump off the horse, take off your boyar clothes, jump on a bike and zoom off into the distance. Who knows, he played in the popular biker series “Sons of anarchy”, has also appeared in such projects as “peaky blinders”, “Gotham”, and in feature films. Tugarov but the role he was given with ease.

"300 спартанцев" или "Храброе сердце" по-украински: обзор фильма "Захар Беркут"

Tommy Flanagan in the role Tugarov Wolf

Miroslav and Mongol commander Borunda played by poppy Drayton and Caged Carambola. Here it is all as fond of Hollywood. She is almost a Robin hood in UPCA and Burunday – villain invader who got what he deserved (for some reason I remembered the battle of the dwarven kings with Isogam of “the Hobbit”).

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In the film there is another scene, which is inherent in foreign films – on the background of General chaos and death love story of the main characters and a short sex scene in the background of lake… Romantic…

"300 спартанцев" или "Храброе сердце" по-украински: обзор фильма "Захар Беркут"

Poppy Drayton in the role of Miroslava

And the main – battle in the valley and in the ambush. How can you not remember “300” or “Braveheart” and even “Game of thrones” with its “Battle of the bastards”. Hundreds of Tupolev resisted the Mongol army, cleverly enticed into the trap, fought in battles and won. Perhaps the Western audience until you understand the philosophy of the film, but interested. But the ideological significance for Ukrainians is understandable and relevant. Only unity will help people to resist the threat and remain free. After all, freedom is our essence.

Recall, Ukrainian group “Okean Elzy” has recorded a new song, which became the official soundtrack to historical action “Zakhar Berkut”.

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