360º on Mars: Curiosity sent panoramic video of Gale crater

                                Марс на 360º:  Curiosity прислал панорамное видео кратера Гейла

Now, the Rover is headed for the foot of the mountain Aolida (sharp).

Video stitched from a series of photos taken by the Rover on December 19, after completion of the work in the bore Hole Rock Drill Hall. The video shows the floor of Gale crater, as well as the following destination — Glen Toridon on mount sharp. NASA scientists believe that this mountain was once a lake, which repeatedly dried and re-filled with water, and the peak in the Gale crater formed from sedimentary clay rocks. Is it so, and must find out Curiosity.

Curiosity explored the ridge Faith Rubin from September 2017.

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