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37th Gémeaux Awards: “That's how I love you” and “Audrey is back” dominate with 13 nominations

37th Prix Gémeaux: “It’s how ça que je t’t” ;Audrey has returned”dominate with 13 nominations


The series “C'est comme ça que je t'aime” and “Audrey est retour” dominate the nominations of the 37th Gémeaux Awards with 13 citations each. 

< p>“Audrey is back”, which is available on Club illico, gets 13 nominations, including six for the acting of actors Denis Bouchard, Josée Deschênes, Joanie Guérin, Florence Longpré, Martin-David Peters and Dominic St-Laurent. “Audrey is back”, which won two prizes at the Canneseries festival last April, is in a good position to leave with the titles of best comedy, best director (Guillaume Lonergan), best texts (Guillaume Lambert and Florence Longpré) as well as for several technical prices.

“C'est comme ça que je t'aime”, the second season of which is available on ICI TOU.TV's EXTRA, is notably cited in the categories of best drama series, director (Robin Aubert and Jean -François Rivard), texts (François Létourneau) as well as for several technical prizes, in addition to the Gémeaux for the most successful production abroad. The actresses Marilyn Castonguay and Sophie Desmarais as well as their comrade Steve Laplante are also in the running for their interpretation.

Another important meeting of Club illico , “Le temps des raspberries” obtains nine citations for the Prix Gémeaux. The series could win nine awards, including those for best drama series, direction (Philippe Falardeau) and texts (Suzie Bouchard and Florence Longpré). The actors Sandrine Bisson and Edison Ruiz are also nominated for their respective roles.

The other most frequently named series are “A Whole Life” (9), “One Way” (8), “We” (7), “District 31” (6), “A Criminal Case” (5), “ Virage” (4), “L’Echappée” (4), “The Eye of the Cyclone” (4), “The Guys” (4), “Without a Date” (4), “The Perfect Moments” ( 3), “Surviving Your Parents” (3), “The Brotherhood” and “Happiness” (3).

Among the other productions most often cited, let's note here “The Mammoth Evening 2021” (11), “Bye Bye 2021” (10), “La Maison des Folies – Season 2” (9) and “Intertwined” (8).

And “Les bracelets rouges”?

Strangely, the series “Les bracelets rouges”, which was unanimously acclaimed by critics and the general public, only received two quotes , either for the best artistic direction and for the actress Milya Corbeil Gauvreau, but the last TV year has been abundant and the Geminis would not be the Geminis without a little controversy. 

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The same situation for the comedy “Le bonheur”, which was a ratings success this winter: it was nominated only three times, either for the texts by François Avard and Daniel Gagnon, for the play by Michel Charette and for the music by FM Le Sieur, but not for best comedy.

Vincent Leclerc is in competition with himself for the title of best male lead role: drama series for his roles in the third season of “Plan B” and the “Get me out of me” series.

Véronique Cloutier will be leading the Prix Gémeaux gala on Sunday, September 18, at 8 p.m., on ICI Télé. It is also the host who presented the finalists, Wednesday, at the King Edward wharf, in the Old Port of Montreal, in the company of Nicolas Ouellet. The latter will host the Industry Gala on Thursday, September 15 as well as the Opening Gala on Sunday, September 18 starting at 2:30 p.m.

Here are some categories of finalists for the 37th Gémeaux Awards : 

Best Drama Series 

Best Annual Drama Series 

Best Comedy 

Best Special humorous 

Best Comedy Series 

Best interview program or series or talk show 

Best Reality TV 

Best Male Lead: Drama Series 

Best female lead: annual drama series 

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