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3rd season of “The Island of Love”: Lorie and Hugo crowned big winners

3rd season of “The Island of Love”: Lorie and Hugo crowned big winners


Lorie and Hugo, who form one of the most endearing couples of the 3rd season of The Island of Love, were crowned big winners on Thursday evening, during the very last episode.

The public chose them by voting on the L'île de love, preferring them to the couples of Bianca & Cedric, Enya & Kevin or Skye & Raphaël.  

Lorie and Hugo win the grand prize of $50,000.  

“I'm happy, but I just have no words,” said Lorie in response to a question from host Olivier Dion seconds after winning the final with her lover. 

Hugo, he thanked the public for having believed in them. “They're doing well, because they haven't finished hearing from us,” he mentioned.  

200 km…

Aesthetics technician, Lorie, 20, is from Saint-Philippe, in Montérégie. A construction worker, Hugo, 26, comes from Shawinigan, in the Mauricie region.  

The two towns are separated by more or less 200 km of expressways, depending on whether you are driving north or south of the St. Lawrence River. However, Lorie has already said that she wants to move into her “tanner's” new condo, so the lovebirds shouldn't suffer from the distance for too long after their return to Quebec.  

Initially, only Hugo had come forward for the one who became his “princess”, then the couple moved away, because Hugo's heart was swinging between Lorie and Kim, among other things. Then they found each other never to leave each other again.  

Loyal during Casa Amor – the segment in which new Islanders try to seduce singles and couples in order to stay in the villa – Hugo confirmed to Lorie that she could trust him. We have seen their complicity and their love grow day by day, both showing themselves to be more and more true and vulnerable to each other.  

Heartbreaking departure for Mahyka and Gabriele

At the end of the last flame ceremony, presented in Wednesday's episode, Mahyka and Gabriele had for their part been eliminated by Bianca and Cedric, who had the delicate task – moreover they did not agree on the choice to make! – to oust the couple having, in their eyes, the least romantic potential between the duos having obtained the fewest votes. Skye and Raphaël got hot, but it was finally Mahyka and Gabriele who had 30 minutes to pack their bags and leave the splendid villa in Las Terrenas, in the Dominican Republic.  

The four Finalist couples have had different journeys over the seven weeks, but they're all in love by the end of the process, including Enya and Kevin, who have been together from the start. It will be necessary to see if the return to reality, in Quebec, will weld the four relations.

Note that the narrator Geneviève Schmidt – the first woman in this role among all the editions around the world – did very well, often winning us a smile with her funny comments. Olivier Dion – the first man to assume this mandate – has also done well, although we have not seen him on screen as often as promised.

Olivier and Geneviève

Olivier Dion and Geneviève Schmidt just before the start of filming for the 3rd season, in Montreal. MARIO BEAUREGARD/AGENCE QMI

The island of love settles its accounts 

This Thursday , the Productions Déferlantes team and Les Insulaires were filming The island of love settles its accounts, a program that will premiere on June 2 on TVA+, as well as on Sunday June 11, at 9 p.m., on TVA. We will be entitled to clarifications, Islanders will have to explain themselves after watching excerpts and unseen moments will be broadcast.

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