4 marriages per 1 honey moon : why is Francesca a-t-it offered its trip to its competitor ?

4 mariages pour 1 lune de miel : pourquoi Francesca a-t-elle offert son voyage à sa concurrente ?

4 weddings for a honeymoon : why is Francesca a-t-it offered its trip to its competitor ?

Francesca has surprised everybody last week in 4 marriages per 1 honeymoon on the French channel TF1. Then she had to win the beautiful journey, it has decided to offer it to its competitor, Adelaide, but for what reason does she not keep this gift for her ? The candidate is explained.

This is the first time that we are witnessing the reversal of the situation in 4 weddings and 1 honeymoon on TF1 : a winner has offered his trip to Dubai to one of its competitors. Yes, after you have settled accounts with Cynthia, who has ratted on the mount “rigged” and “unfair,” Francesca came up to Adelaide to give him the envelope acting as a victory : “Thou hast not been as a strategist, it is you who deserves to win for the heart you have“, she entrusted.

“I wanted to make him happy”

This gesture has, of course, hit Adelaide, but for what reason, Francesca has she not kept this gift for her and her husband ? “This is the one that has me the better noted, without a strategy, and she has done things with his heart. I had not just to win, so if I had the grace to gain, so much to offer to my competitor. I wanted to pleasure him more because of it just being a mum. The production was shocked. She asked me whether really I was sure of my choice. Everyone was crying, “says the candidate in an interview with Tv Star. The internet users were equally surprised : they did not hesitate to acknowledge this act on Twitter.

Francesca had she the right to offer its travel ?

However, we agree, you are also asked if Francesca had the right to give its travel ? “The filming was very long and it is at the end, when I won it we gave new contracts to all. In the latter, he stated that obviously the candidate who wins has the right to offer his journey“, responds the winning of 4 marriages for every 1 honeymoon last week.

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