4 marriages per 1 honeymoon : surprise, surprise, the winning bid for the trip to its competitor !

4 mariages pour 1 lune de miel : surprise, la gagnante offre le voyage à sa concurrente !

4 marriages per 1 honeymoon : Francesca offer the trip to her rival Adelaide

Big surprise in 4 marriages per 1 honey moon this Friday the 22nd of November on TF1 ! So that one is more accustomed to the rules and regulations of the accounts and the acquisition of heads in the issue, Francesca, the big winner of the week, has surprised internet users. While she had won a trip to Dubai, she and her husband have decided to make a gift to Adelaide, one of its competitors.

In 4 marriages per 1 honeymoon on TF1, it is Cynthia who has scooped the title of “villain of the week”. As of Monday, the candidate has pissed off users. Clashée on the web, it has defended in an interview, accusing the assembly that would be “unfair” and “rigged” : “For me, the production wanted to create the buzz since I do not see the negative comments of the other girls. It is as if they wanted me to go to the wicked.” she confided to Tv Leisure. The internet users were not at the end of their surprise !

When the winner offers his honeymoon to another candidate

During the last face-to-face, Francesca had told her a few home truths to Cynthia who had yet to apologize for his notes. “You were the most hypocritical, the most strategist (…) I fell of the clouds. (…) Adelaide, it was the one that had the wedding the smallest but she has set her heart and she comes to my wedding, and she put me 17. I was shocked,” she blurted before passing a moving message to Adelaide who has accomplished her marriage with a mini-budget of 4000 euros. “You’re a girl of gold. This was not the wedding that I would have done but you showed that love had no price. Thou hast not been as a strategist, it is you who deserves to win for the heart that thou hast.

And that’s not all ! After learning that she had won a honeymoon to Dubai, Francesca and her husband have decided to offer the trip to Adelaide ! A very moving time shared by users on Twitter :

On the social networks, internet users have praised the gesture of Francesca. “You’re just the most beautiful person in the world ! You can be proud of you ! There are not many people that would have made this gesture ! It is too beautiful !” has posted a user. We would like to see more sequences like this in the show !

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