4 month old toddler fights like a champ

A 4 month old toddler fights like a champion

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A four-month-old toddler is leading the fight of his life in a Quebec hospital after being born with five heart defects.

Roman Comeau was born in a hospital center de Sherbrooke on July 25, six weeks earlier than expected. & nbsp;

“We knew during my pregnancy that he would have a heart defect, but not in detail,” explains Jessica Tremblay-Fortin, little Roman's mother.

Roman Comeau with his mother Jessica Tremblay-Fortin, his father, Vincent Comeau, and his sister Mia.

The family returned home a few weeks after Roman's birth. But in October, his condition deteriorated as he was having attacks of pulmonary hypertension. He was therefore transferred to the CHUL on October 17. He has been there ever since.

It is not one, but five malformations that were discovered on the toddler's small heart at the Sainte-Foy sector hospital center. So he underwent his first pulmonary artery correction on October 25, just three months old. & Nbsp;

“But Roman was no better. He was therefore operated again on November 18, “continues the mother. & Nbsp;

The purpose of this surgery was to correct two valves.

Unfortunately, one of them was too damaged and the correction of the other failed.

A cardiac simulator

He therefore received a mechanical valve to overcome the first problem and time will tell if it can resist the second.

And as if that was not enough, the electricity of his heart failed, which resulted in a third operation on November 25 for the implantation of a pacemaker.

The baby following one of his three cardiac surgeries.

“If he can't tolerate his valve leaking, we're going to have to go fix it. If he tolerates it, we hope to get to his 3 or 4 years before another repair “, explains the mother.

Since then, it is the uncertainty on the direction that will take the Roman's state of health.

“It's far from obvious, because we don't have anything written in black and white. I stay at his bedside 24 hours a day, “continues Ms. Tremblay-Fortin.

Other impacts

The daily life of the small family, far from home, is far from easy.

Roman has an 8-year-old older sister who had to change schools, since the whole family temporarily moved to their home. a family member in Quebec. She plans to move there permanently.

Despite everything, Roman's loved ones cling to hope, as he fights like a champion.

“He's him. which gives us the strength to hold out so much! He is so impressive, so fighter ”, drops the mother.

3 surgeries for 5 deformities & nbsp; & nbsp;

  • L-TGV: transposition of large vessels corrected & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • CIV and CIA: interventricular and interatrial communication which leads to abnormal circulation of the blood
  • Pulmonary stenosis: narrowing the opening of the pulmonary valve which blocks (obstructs) the passage of blood & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • Leaking tricuspid valve & nbsp;
  • Leaking mitral valve & nbsp;
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