41 dead of the COVID-19 forgotten in a single LTCU

41 morts de la COVID-19 oubliés dans un seul CHSLD

Nearly half of the 85 deaths announced yesterday by prime minister François Legault is dead there are already a few weeks in a single private CHSLD de Laval.

According to the information obtained by our Office of investigation, a total of 42 deaths date back to the period from 9 April to 12 may on the territory of laval. Of this number, 41 are from the private CHSLD Villa Val of Trees where the number of deaths rose from 15 to 56 between last Friday and yesterday on the website of the government of Quebec.

This shows that there is sometimes a mismatch between the data of the public health and the actual number of deaths related to the COVID-19 in NURSING homes and residences for seniors.

“The public health department of Laval, has received such declarations of death only yesterday morning [Sunday],” says Judith Goudreau, of the communications department of the Centre for integrated health and social services of Laval.

Laval hit hard

It indicates that it is the responsibility of the private partner to submit the declarations of death.

The officials of the institution say that the information has been transmitted in the past several weeks, various leaders of the CISSS and the public health. However, this is not the end of the week that the death notices were faxed to regularize the data gathered by Quebec.

“There were stitches in the chain of transmission,” said the spokeswoman, Suzie Pellerin, recalling that the CHSLD has always cooperated with the authorities.

In addition to the CHSLD Val of Trees, several places have been hit hard in Laval. This is the case of the Residence Sainte-Rose, which is on the red list of the government as being considered to be critical, with 38 % of residents infected and 19 deaths.

Not to mention the CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée, the hardest hit in Quebec, with 91 deaths up here.


According to the president of the Council for the protection of the sick, Paul G. Brunet, it explains in part why the government woke up late to intervene in the CHSLD.

“It is for this reason that since the very beginning, it has requested an investigation into the causes of death,” he says.

In a document obtained by our Bureau of investigation, a deputy minister of Health request to avoid autopsies on patients suspected to have died of the COVID-19, they have been tested positive or not.

“Also, the death the probable cause is attributed to the COVID-19 are considered natural and are not the subject of a notice to the coroner,” says Dr. Lucie Opatrny.

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