45 breach of professional ethics alleged against the ex-mayor of Chambly

The ex-mayor of Chambly, Denis Lavoie is suspected by the commission municipale du Québec (CMQ) have committed not less than 45 violations of the rules of ethics and professional conduct.

Lavoie, already the subject of a criminal investigation by the Unité permanente anti-corruption, has received this Monday a very long summons from the hand of the CMQ.

The government agency in charge of enforcing the ethics of municipal considers that the ex-mayor “has committed several breaches” of the code of ethics of the Town of Chambly.

“Mr. Denis Lavoie has on several occasions abused its powers of the mayor and exercised its function in limiting abuse the information that is provided to municipal councillors, by intimidating some of them”, one can read in the list of the alleged offences.

According to the CMQ, Lavoie has often used the resources of the municipality for personal and partisan, for the benefit of his own person or of members of his family.

It is criticized in particular

-The hiring of a member of his political party on a traffic committee which, in exchange for a promise to stop criticizing him.

-Having left his daughter and his son benefit from favouritism in the course of their employment with the City of Chambly.

-Several cases of interference in the issuance of permits, decisions of the clerk or in the decisions of the technical committees of the City.

-Several cases of interference in the decisions taken by the human resources department of the City.

-Acts of intimidation and dismissal for personal reasons and supporters.

-The use of tens of thousands of dollars of public funds to pay legal expenses related to litigation personal.

-The use, over the years, vehicles and thousands of litres of petrol belonging to the city for the personal purposes of the former deputy director general Annie Nepton and his own personal purposes.

-Thousands of dollars of personal expenses, for his benefit and that of Ms. Nepton, who have been charged on the credit card of the City of Chambly.

-To have exerted pressure on various boards, including Radio-Canada, the CMQ and the ministry of municipal Affairs for her personal benefit.

Recall that Denis Lavoie has resigned from his post in April 2019, citing health problems. He has received severance pay and transition totalling approximately$100,000.

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