450 deaths in the United States in 24 hours, its lowest level since about two months

450 morts aux États-Unis en 24 heures, un plus bas depuis environ deux mois

WASHINGTON | The coronavirus has made 450 additional deaths in 24 hours in the United States, according to the counting to 20: 30 Monday, Johns Hopkins University, a record daily low for about two months.

However, we will have to wait to see if the figures for Monday to confirm on the duration, because the data of the university, continually updated, have a tendency to mechanically reduce output of weekends in function of the lift transmitted by the local health authorities.

The total number of deaths linked to the COVID-19 in the country is 110 900, and more than 1 955 000 cases have also been identified, according to figures from the university.

Approximately 506 000 people are declared cured.

The United States had begun to cross the bar of 500 people daily at the end of march, recording a time more than 3000 deaths in 24 hours in mid-April. For the past two weeks, the balance sheets daily are regularly ironed below the 1000 dead.

But the country continues to register around 20 000 new cases of coronavirus every day, and hardly able to bend the curve of new infections.

The United States is, in absolute value, by far the country most affected by the pandemic, both in the number of deaths than cases diagnosed. But once these figures are reported to the population, several european countries – including France, Italy or Spain – there are more deaths per capita than America.

According to an average of nine epidemiological models carried out by researchers from the University of Massachusetts, the number of deaths of the COVID-19 should be around 127 000 deaths in the country by June 27.

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