47Ter in interview : “It is a bit of a protection to clasher ourselves”

47Ter in interview : “It is a bit of a protection to clasher ourselves”

The big day has arrived for 47Ter ! This Friday 25 October 2019 mark the release of the first album of the group “address”, carried by the sounds Person, West Coast and address. PRBK has had the opportunity to interview Blaise, Peter, Paul, and Miguel for information on this release, but also on their encounter and the remarks on their style.

After their series of freestyles just to spoil your classics on YouTube and their EP “Little princes” and “We just mess up your classics”, Peter, Paul, Miguel, and Blaise now run at top speed with the release of their first album “The address”. Composed of 14 tracks, including the singles The address, Person and West Coast, the opus of 47Ter is mega efficient and offers a style that is really diverse : there is no sound like himself, which is pretty cool.

“The group is a little stopped”

To learn more about this studio project and the group, PRBK has had the opportunity to interview the three friends. In particular, they were entrusted with on their first meeting : “Peter and I have known each other since 6th grade. We were together in college. It has always been the whole, metal, pop, I do the guitar and drums. We had singers, singers. We busted our second, we met with Blaise because he was a year younger than us. We said hey, we need a bassist’, and Blaise told us ‘I have a bass in me’, “says Miguel, before Peter, Paul adds : “And there, the magic began.

The boys tell us then a little bit more about the creation of 47Ter in 2017 : “When I joined, there was a singer and then the group is a little stopped. We went to college together. Peter showed me a trick, I found it cool. Then, Miguel came. We started to play over all three and this is how the group is created. And after that, it had no name. We had a lot of names. It was 47Ter of the hall of Bailly. We saw the plate and said that it was for us.

“We have no legitimacy to make rap street”

Peter, Paul, Miguel and Blaise are therefore taxed in the rap game with this name but, as you’ve noticed, they don’t really have a style rappers, street, that they may fully assume. They make fun of themselves : “We have no legitimacy to do the rap of the street, not us (…) We love the rap, but it feels not as rappers. We prefer to make the music. We do not seek legitimacy. It is absolutely what we want for the moment. If the album does, we don’t worry ( … ), But in the beginning, it was hard. The first freestyle and it was in the mode ‘since when he raps Harry Potter’, ‘this is what these guys in Versailles ?’. It is self-clashe, it makes us laugh. It is a bit of a protection to clasher ourselves. It was a small problem with the stigma of rap.

“We like to work with Orelsan and Aya Nakamura”

In the result of his interview with PRBK, 47Ter admit what artists he would like to work together : “The Weasel, one day inshallah. This is the 78, you grew up with it. Orelsan-to the death (…) There was also Aya Nakamura, the queen. It is a revelation incredible. We love Angela. It is as if one day we meet and there is a feeling, that the two want.

Interview by Lola Maroni. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing PureBreak.com.

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