47Ter tells of her journey in the clip “The address”

47Ter tells of her journey in the clip “The address”

After their 2 eps” “Little princes “and” One comes to spoil your classics”, the group 47Ter will release their first album “The address” is this Friday, October 25, 2019. To wait, Blaise, Miguel and Peter Paul unveil the music video for “The address” in which the three friends take us home to Bailly in the 78 to tell their story.

“See you at the 47Ter”

When three friends combine to form a group, it gives 47Ter. Miguel, Peter, Paul, and Basil are made known to us through their series of freestyles just to spoil your classic posted on YouTube. They are about to release their first album “The address” which included the hit singles Person, West Coast and black Sun. The last in date ? The address.

This piece is quite personal as the boys recount their journey and pay tribute to the address that inspired their name : “We all have a bat’, an address / It’s all a blase we are left in the head / It was all a bat’, an address to defend / That becomes the base, which becomes the legend (…) Go to 47Ter / Go to the address.

You are probably wondering what is so special in 47Ter. Well, Peter, Paul, Basil and Miguel have responded to the question in the interview with PRBK : “We had a lot of names. It was 47Ter of the hall of Bailly. We saw the plate and said that it was for us. And this is 47Ter.” Therefore, the group has obviously turned a part of the clip The address to the hall of Bailly in the 78. They have even invited some of their friends in the 47Ter !

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