489 candidates in 577 constituencies: the strange strategy of the presidential majority

489 candidates in 577 constituencies: the strange strategy of the presidential majority

L’ex-Premier ministre a défendu cette stratégie destinée à “créer une nouvelle majorité”. MAXPPP – franck castel

Le parti du Président Macron réuni sous la bannière “Ensemble pour la République” ne va présenter que 489 candidats sur 577 circonscriptions. Une stratégie pour "créer une nouvelle majorité parlementaire".

After the defeat of the European elections, does the presidential party plan to win this bet or does it intend to limit the damage ? The second hypothesis seems more and more obvious. Especially since he seems quick to make alliances to achieve this. Right, center and even left.

The majority united under the banner “Together for the Republic” will present only 489 candidates in the early legislative elections on June 30 and July 7, in 577 constituencies. 80 less than in 2022.

Faced with Hollande, the presidential majority will support a right-wing candidate

The reason ? It was the head of government, Gabriel Attal, who gave it this Monday on RTL: “Our candidates are the useful candidates against the extremes to avoid the arrival of the extremes in power… But there are constituencies, about sixty, where we know that it would not be our candidates who would be best placed to avoid the victory of the extremes. And in these cases, we support another candidate", added the Prime Minister.

A strategy that raises questions but whose "objective is to create a new parliamentary majority", justifies the former Prime Minister and head of Horizons, Edouard Philippe: "It’is not giving up on winning, it’s giving ourselves the chances, in a constituency, of not leaving the French men and women the choice between the National Rally and La France insoumise&quot ;, he explained on the microphone of BFMTV.

The most emblematic case is probably to be seen in Corrèze where the former head of state François Hollande is running under the banner of the Popular Front. If Prime Minister Gabriel Attal supports re-election candidate Francis Dubois (Les Républicains), the presidential majority has decided not to nominate a candidate.

Do not leave the choice between LFI and the RN

Conversely, the Les Républicains party decided not to present candidates against certain majority candidates. This is the case in Tourcoing in the stronghold of Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin who will however face a diverse right-wing candidate, an RN and a Reconquest. In Hérault and Gard, cases have not arisen. "The strategy is to preserve the republican arc at all costs, explains Jérôme Toulza, the departmental referent of Ensemble pour la République. However, in the nine Hérault constituencies, we have either outgoing deputies, LFIs or RNs. So we put candidates everywhere." We just had to decide to share the department between outgoing Renaissance candidates (1st, 3rd and 9th) and do a lot of place for Horizons candidates (4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th).

In Gard, ditto, candidates from everywhere with ambition "to keep the 6th constituency with Aurélien Colson who replaces Philippe Berta and to win a second", hopes Jérôme Talon, member of the national bodies of Renaissance.

On the other hand, this is the case in the 1st and only constituency of Lozère where no candidate stamped “Together for the Republic” will not be in the running for the legislative elections. The former LREM candidate in 2017, Francis Palombi thinks that "the presidential party is in difficulty in the department where the National Rally made a significant score". He will support the candidacy of the president of the Department Sophie Pantel who is running under the seal of the New Popular Front. She will face the deputy since 2002 Pierre Morel-À-L’Huissier, who sits within the Liberties, Independents, Overseas and Territories (Liot) group but who was once considered "Macron compatible& quot;. But political times have changed a lot…

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