4Keus in interview : “It is a pleasure to be endorsed by a big name, such as Niska”

4Keus : album “The life of the artist”, collab with Niska, former members… the group is entrusted to PRBK (Interview)

A year and a half after “A open heart”, 4Keus is back with a new album “artist’s Life”, released on January 3, 2020 ! PRBK has had the opportunity to interview Tiakola, HK, Djeffi and Bnei to learn more about their project, their collaboration with Niska, their celebrity, their encounter or on their relationship with the older members of the group.

“We wanted to innovate with the ‘artist’s Life'”

“Life of artist”, the new album of 4Keus, is finally available ! The group we offer a project made up of 14 pieces including artist’s Life, MD in feat with Niska, down with Siboy and Flashback with Leto. “It’s been a while that we know Leto. He had already participated in our first project. Siboy, it has the same color level beat afro and Niska, we liked the delirium. After Niska, it is a big name. We could not deny that (…) We were happy. It is a pleasure to be endorsed by a big name. It has given us force, it was reasoned. It is cool, it has no side scavenger. It does not take the head, “says 4Keus in interview with PRBK.

Tiakola, HK, Djeffi and Bnei explain to us then what “Life artist” is different from their previous projects : “At the working level. It was not the same method. We worked more on writing, to the productions. There is a risk also, change color. There are sounds with trumpets, before there was more guitar. We didn’t want to look elsewhere, and we wanted to innovate.” A change of method succeeded !

“The more you succeed, the more you have enemies”

4Keus continues the interview by revealing the downsides of celebrity, as the enemies for example : “is It always like that. The more you advance, the more you succeed, the more you have enemies. In everything that you do, whether you’re athlete or rapper, there are enemies. Jealous, even if you do nothing are jealous. With it, we must accept it.

Interview by Lola Maroni. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing PureBreak.com.

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