4th constituency: Manon Bouquin reverses the gap and heads to the National Assembly

4th constituency: Manon Bouquin reverses the gap and heads to the National Assembly

The two candidates, on their cell phones, attended the start of the counting in the office of the People's Hall in Lodève. Midi Libre – Mickaël Esdourrubailh

The outgoing deputy Sébastien Rome (NPF) who was 7,045 votes behind returned on the heels of the National Rally candidate. Elected with 674 votes in advance two years ago, he lost by 668 votes this time.

Election results

The 4th and very large 4th constituency of Hérault has switched to the National Rally. By a little, very little, but enough for Manon Bourquin (40,186 votes, 50.49%) to win with 668 votes ahead of Sébastien Rome (39,408 votes, 49.51%), elected in 2022 in the second round with 674 votes in his favor this time.
Worried on the evening of the first round in which he was 7,045 votes behind Manon Bouquin (RN), Sébastien Rome (NPF) found hope the next day, when Jean-François Éliaou (Horizons) who came in 3rd position announced its withdrawal. The outgoing MP got down to business with his activists to comb the terrain and try to take advantage of the small window of opportunity offered to him. In vain.

The votes of Mèze and the Thau basin are decisive

"I welcome this election with enormous humility by thanking the voters who voted for us, for the sake of clarity and amp; rsquo;alternation" reacts Manon Bouquin who came for a visit to the Lodève offices shortly after 6 p.m., during the counting followed by the Sétois deputy from the 7th Circumscription Aurélien Lopez-Liguori (RN) came to spend his evening in the Hérault sub-prefecture. Even if his election was decided further south, with a strong current on the Thau Basin which allowed him to win.
The 1723 votes difference in her favor on Mèze were in fact decisive for the RN candidate who, on Lodève, conceded 669 to her competitor who came in first on Ganges (+ 122), Saint-Mathieu (+ 525), Prades-le-Lez (+ 821) or Gignac (+ 75), chipping away at the delay to maintain the suspense.

"The battle was complicated because I had the entire Delga/Delafosse network and the coalition of all parties behind me. But now, I am going to start working, like my elected colleagues in the department of Hérault", continues the new MP who chose Aniane to celebrate her victory. Before going to Paris to start working tomorrow around our three national axes which are purchasing power, immigration and security in connection with local themes such as the defense of public services .

Not far from a remontada

If he believed for a time in the comeback, the Lodévois Sébastien Rome was disappointed but far from being defeated this Sunday evening. &amp ;quot;I knew it would be a close call. We went from 7045 votes behind to 668 thanks to a very strong dynamic on the ground, a good campaign and good work over the last two years, insists in a very proactive tone. ;ex-MP. I had won the constituency promised to the RN two years ago but there, I could not resist the regional wave and a few large populated municipalities in the Thau Basin which made the election like Mèze, Gigean, Loupian, Montbazin or Villeveyrac". The candidate of the Union of the Left, who came first in more than two thirds of the 99 municipalities in his constituency, was already scheduled to meet at the start of the school year.

"I was the deputy for rural areas, for small towns I am going to become a committed activist again. I will meet on September 21 and 22 with the 400 people who mobilized for this campaign and with all the others for a major initiative that we will launch in the Heart of Hérault."< /em> finishes Sébastien Rome who, for his part, spent his evening in Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière, with his substitute.

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