5 August: what a holiday today, signs of the day and what not to do

Learn about the most important holidays and events August 5 in history

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5 августа: какой сегодня праздник, приметы дня и что нельзя делать

5 Aug day Trophimus of Bessonnica

Today, August 5, the 217th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Before the end of the year there are 148 days. Birthdays – Trophimus, Theophilus (Teofil). Today is the international day of traffic lights, in USA – Colorado Day. In Ukraine the first Sunday of August – Day of air forces of VSU.

“Today,” they write, a birthday is celebrated by Ukrainians on 5 August 2019. In addition, we tell about the most interesting and important events that happened in history on this day, as well as about the main signs for August 5.

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August 5: today was a holiday and what not to do

August 5 in the national calendar – day of Trophimus Bessonnica. It was believed that on this day you can’t go to sleep until late in the evening, because the peasants were busy with the housework. Particularly active right now, work continued on the harvest. Women at this time worked on the procurement of jams and compotes for the winter, so usually went for gathering berries in the forest.

Signs on August 5

  • Owls cry – it will be cold.
  • The morning dawns quickly off to a strong wind.
  • The stars are very bright at dawn August 5 – after a couple of days the rains.

August 5: interesting and important events in the history of

1772 – the first time the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was divided between Russia, Prussia and Austria.

1775 – the first European arrived in the Bay of San Francisco. It was the Spaniard, Juan de Ayala.

1884 – on Bedloe island in new York was laid the first Foundation stone of the statue of Liberty.

1886 – in America he published the first newspaper in the Ukrainian language.

1913 – first flight of the largest aircraft of that time “Russian Vityaz”, designed by Igor Sikorsky.

1919 – Nestor Makhno announced the creation of a rebel army.

1941 – the beginning of the defense of Odessa during the Second world war.

1962 – Nelson Mandela was in prison, where he spent 28 years.

1967 – released the first album of Pink Floyd.

1991 – Sergei Bubka set a world record in the pole vault, jumping 6 m 10 cm.

Who was born on 5 Aug

1737 – Italian impresario, author of the French circus Antonio Franconi.

1802 – the Norwegian mathematician Niels Abel.

1844 – artist-Peredvizhnik Ilya Repin.

1850 – French writer guy de Maupassant.

1893 – the famous actress of the new film Vera Cold.

1899 – Ukrainian writer and linguist Borys Antonenko Davidovich.

1930 – the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong.

1974 – the Ukrainian shooter and Olympic champion Alexander Petrov.

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