5 events not to miss

5 events not to be missed


The MUTEK festival has been immersing us, for 23 years, in the kaleidoscope of lights, sounds and rhythms of electronic music. Alternately mainstream and more niche, his proposals know how to please neophytes as much as great connoisseurs of electro music. Let's discover five events not to be missed during this edition taking place from August 23 to 28 according to its founder, Alain Mongeau.

The opening night

“This is a special event featuring British artist and headliner Max Cooper,” explains Alain Mongeau, Founder, Artistic Director and Co-CEO of MUTEK. There will be a whole audiovisual installation — a kind of light field — that will be installed at the MTELUS. The artist will interact with this device for a 90-minute performance. »

Tuesday evening, 9 p.m. at MTELUS

Nicholas Cruz 

“Another headliner and festival favorite from Ecuador,” continues the director. We just announced that he will open the outdoor stage with a DJ set Tuesday night at 9 p.m. For six days, the Esplanade Tranquille will offer free shows on this outdoor stage from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. On Wednesday August 24, Cruz will be at the SAT where he will present his festive house music live on stage. »

The “electronic cabaret”

“I call this evening an electronic cabaret, because different projects are presented on the MTELUS stage with more traditional instruments: for example, a project with a Norwegian saxophonist and another with a choir and a percussionist… In all, there is has 5 very interesting musical projects, the highlight of the evening for me being Caterina Barbieri, an Italian artist offering electronic music bordering on the sublime, very ethereal. »

Thursday 9 p.m. at MTELUS

The “complete night”

“Our big more eventful evening, a bit of the highlight of the festival and an evening that lasts until 6 a.m. It is the most festive moment of the festival and a festive evening made for dancing. There will be six artists including Montrealer Myriam Bleau who will do a laser show, then several proposals from international artists, including Powder, a Korean artist living in Japan in a DJ set. » 

Saturday 10 p.m. at MTELUS

The Closing Party 

“A double program that we program as a soft landing, the dessert after 5 days of festivities. This is the time when I personally enjoy myself. We have two rooms two atmospheres. On the ground floor, various projects by Quebec artists and two international artists. In the dome, it will be quite festive, but more housy, with, among other things, a live performance by Montrealer RAMZi, who is making a comeback after a few years of absence. »

Sunday, August 28 at the Society for Arts and Technology. For tickets, passports and packages: https://montreal.mutek.org/fr/billetterie