5 innovative and eco-responsible Quebec products to discover

5 innovative and eco-responsible Quebec products to discover


Every spring, the DUX Grand Prix Gala recognizes initiatives and food products that improve the health of people and the planet.

Awarded for their eco-responsible performance, their innovative nature and their nutritional qualities, here are 5 products to discover.

La Fourmi Bionique

Grand Granola Aphrodisia

Composed of whole, local and organic cereals, the Grand Granola Aphrodisia from the Montreal company La Fourmi Bionique is very versatile and offered at an affordable price. In its new recyclable packaging, designed to increase product conservation, it has great nutritional qualities in addition to being delicious. 

Kwe Cocktails

Sparkling lemonade sumacade wild mint

Made in Lac-Saint-Jean, this ready-to-drink from KWE Cocktails, Wild mint sumacade sparkling lemonade, presents a modern version of a traditional recipe from our grandmothers. Made with sumac and mint, this local herbal flavored lemonade boasts a simple and short ingredient list, with no artificial additives. 

Tofu Tofu 

Smoked Meat Tofu

Bringing a whole new way to eat tofu, Smoked Meat Tofu de Tofu Tofu, a Laval company, is made from locally grown soybeans, seasoned and macerated in a blend of spices and smoked by hand with maple wood. It contains little lipids and offers a considerable contribution in proteins. 

Bela Peko 

Dessert mix based on pureed vegetables

Easy to use, the dessert mixes based on vegetables Bela Peko Ready-to-Cook Vegetable Purée, made in Quebec City, offers a healthy alternative to store-bought cake mixes. Made with parsnips, beets, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and other fruits and vegetables, these preparations of brownies, pancakes or cakes appeal to young and old alike. 

Still Good 

< p>Chocolate Coffee Biscuit

Made of 40% recycled ingredients, the Chocolate Coffee Biscuit from Montreal company Still Good offers great value nutritious with 3 g of fiber and 2 g of protein per serving. Containing microbrewery spent grains, cereals from filtering beer, coffee residues and sunflower cake, a by-product of oil pressing, this product helps to avoid food waste.