5 podcasts, true crime to discover

5 balados true crime à découvrir

Like people who take advantage of their free time in confinement for looking at everything in an Instant or Netflix have to offer, I listened to a lot of podcasts since the beginning of the health crisis.

More specifically, I am immersed in the huge catalogue of productions, true crime, one of the most popular genre of podcast.

I stumbled on to real turnips, some interesting developments and productions dating back several years, but that I had simply never had the opportunity to listen.

Here are the 5 podcasts, true crime that came to my attention, and it deserves definitely-a-glance.

The Officer’s Wife – Vault Studios

This podcast focuses on the death of Jessica Boynton, a woman found dead in a closet of his house, and the role that his or her spouse police officer would have been able to play in this case. A podcast appearance-very traditional, but which will surprise many.

Inspired by real events – Charles and Mathias

I am a real addicted to podcasts, but I’m also a big fan of horror movies, which makes this podcast a wonderful find personal. Inspired from real facts that explain the true stories behind works of fiction as The Exorcist and the texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Who the hell is Hamish? – The Australian

A production of the newspaper , The Australian , which is also responsible for the popular The Teacher’s Pet, Who the hell is Hamish? tells the captivating story of a prolific scammer able to put a ton of fictional characters for cheated his victims. A podcast that will appeal certainly to the people who have enjoyed The Casanova of Montreal of QUB Radio.

Believed – NPR

Podcasts of surveys are sometimes difficult to listen to because of the tragic subjects of which they treat. This is the case of Believed that dissects how the paedophile and doctor deposed Larry Nassar has been able to continue to assault young gymnasts for decades within the american federation of gymnastics. The podcast managed, however, to approach this tragic story with tact and sensitivity that’s rarely seen in true crime. Listening difficult, but necessary.

The Cannon on the Tempe – New Listen

A production of simple, but effective, bearing on the mysterious death of a popular rugby player French occurred following a demonstration of Russian roulette.

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