5 tips to follow before hitting the road this summer

5 tips to follow before hitting the road this summer



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5 tips to follow before hitting the road this summer

Summer vacations in Quebec often happen on the road. Whether you are going to the chalet for a weekend or to the Gaspé for two weeks, the car is the ally of your getaways.

Here a few tips to follow before hitting the road this summer.

1. Plan your trip… and the stops 

“The road is part of the journey”. If you think of vacations like this, you will probably be less in a hurry to swallow the miles to get to your destination. 

It is also recommended to take a driving break every two hours to avoid fatigue while driving. flying. If you can, take the opportunity to change drivers and loosen your legs! 

Plan your trip efficiently without overloading yourself and add interesting stops (a forest, a snack bar, a lake, for example) rather than stopping just anywhere when fatigue sets in. By having clear objectives in mind, you will avoid accumulating impatience.

2. Choose a vehicle that you like 

Don't feel like hitting the road with your current car? Maybe it no longer meets your needs, it has too many kilometers on the clock or it's just time to make a change.

If you are looking for a new vehicle, take a look at HGregoire: the Quebec company has the largest inventory of vehicles. It only sells quality certified cars, 150 point inspected, which includes a 7 day warranty. At the wheel of one of their cars, you will leave with peace of mind!

3. Make an appointment at the garage 

To prevent the unexpected on the road as much as possible, take your vehicle to a garage to have the tires, brakes, lights, fluid levels, battery and windshield wipers checked. 

< p>Schedule this appointment a few weeks before the big departure: you are not alone in booking this moment with a professional, and the time slots fill up quickly at this time of year.

If you plan to travel several thousand miles, also be sure to perform a mechanical check halfway and on the way back to your destination.

4. Bring a breakdown kit 

Spare tire and basic tools (jumper cables, adjustable wrench, pliers, etc.) should always be included of your luggage. Of course, no one is asking you to be a mechanic, but these few tools could be very useful in the event of a problem.

5. Check your insurance strong> 

Travel, home and car: take care to check that your insurance covers all possible scenarios (illness, breakage, fire, theft, etc.). Call your company and increase your premiums if necessary. Likewise, check that all the members of your family are registered in the file. 

Finally, leave room for the unexpected. After all, you have to have fun! By planning too much, we leave aside spontaneity, which is often the key to the best memories! 

This summer, hit the road with peace of mind by choosing a vehicle from at HGregoire.

5 tips to follow before hitting the road this summer

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