5 to 8 % of Americans have been infected with the coronavirus

De 5 à 8 % des Américains ont été contaminés par le coronavirus

Between 5% and 8% of the u.s. population has been infected with the new coronavirus, said Thursday the director of the Centres for prevention and disease control (CDC), Robert Redfield, who insists that the pandemic is far from being eradicated in the country.

“Between 5, 6, 7, or 8 % of Americans have had an infection, whether they know it or not “, more than 20 million people, and of the order of ten times more than the number of documented cases (2.4 million), ” said Robert Redfield during a conference call with journalists.

These figures are based on serological tests carried out on representative samples of the population, and which allow us to see if the immune system of a person is entered in the previous contact with the virus.

They have not been officially published by the CDC, but correspond to the orders of magnitude observed in various countries or locations where serological studies have been carried out. This is a national average. In some places severely affected, the rate is probably higher, as in New York, where the governor announced that more than 20% of the population of the city total had contracted the virus.

The figure of 8 % shows, therefore, that more than nine in ten U.s. remains likely to be contaminated.

“This pandemic is not over,” said Robert Redfield. “The most powerful tool at our disposal is the distancing physical,” he repeated, then, that the contagions are on the rise in much of the United States, in the south and in the west, regions that had been relatively spared in the spring, but where the mask-wearing and other measures of barriers are little adopted.

Robert Redfield has made the current increase in the number of cases, similar to the records in the month of April, on account of better screening, since the United States carry a half-million tests per day.

“Today we see more viruses in younger people, and fewer people need to be hospitalized and die, but I do not say this to minimize it,” he said.

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