5 ways to eat more local

5 façons de manger plus local

Food in Quebec are gems on which producers and processors in quebec are working tirelessly. If several thought vaguely of the existence, today they are happy to rely on this safe value that is the local power supply.

However, this is not all to be proud of a food industry also abundant and varied. It is still necessary to encourage at the time to do the shopping and cooking. To get there, Arnaud Marchand, chef and owner of Chez Boulay – Bistro boreal, Quebec city, shares with us her tips and tricks to consume more products here.

Check the source of the food

In the opinion of Arnaud Marchand, a spokesman for Aliments du Québec, Quebecers show a beautiful sensitivity to the food here. “Since a few years already, I note that people are paying more and more attention to the products of quebec. They check the provenance of the food. They are changing their consumption habits. With the current situation, it is even greater.”

Food in Quebec facilitates the task thanks to the logos identification clear, placed on the shelves of grocers or directly on the packaging of the products. Whether it is a logo Aliments du Québec or Foods prepared in Quebec, consumers are assured that a local certification has been given to these products of quebec, duly audited.

Find the alternative much here

The chef, who is full of praise for the food here, invites Quebecers to replace foreign products purchased by used by those from Quebec.

“A few years ago, the Italian cuisine was very popular. Since then, people frequently use the olive oil and balsamic vinegar, ” he says. But there are products here that are quite delicious, as hemp oil, sunflower oil grilled that has a roasted flavor completely mind-blowing, canola oil, toasted which replaces the sesame oil or the vinegar of blackcurrant, the island of Orleans.”

For Arnaud Marchand, all the occasions are good to substitute. “When I wanted to adapt the tartars to the nordic cuisine, I am a lot asked about how to get acidity without adding lemon or citrus from elsewhere. Then I discovered the vinegar here and all of the complexity of their flavors. The vinegars are raspberries, currants, or cider offer a deep woody impressive according to the drum in which they are raised. It has completely changed my kitchen. “, he says.

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, for the head, it will, of course, to eat what the seasons produce the best, even in January : “I was surprised last winter how the raspberries produced in the greenhouse are fantastic. In the summer, it has several small fruits here as the berries of sea buckthorn, the camerises and blueberries which we can preserve the fragile by freezing them. Also think of asparagus in Quebec that are not comparable to what one finds in the rest of the year. Those produced here are mind blowing and delicious. It is worth making reservations ! “

Review the contents of the grocery cart

If the chief accepts that he must now pay a little more to make the races in general, it underlines the quality of the products here is at the rendezvous. This is all the more true in the season while the quebec products, which are no more costly than versions that are imported, are full of flavours.

In regard to the products most purposes, it proposes an exercise which focuses on quality : “It sometimes puts in the basket of food tasteless, of poor quality, such as biscuits cheap. In revisiting the contents of the basket, this is the place for good quebec products that add true flavor to the dishes like a good oil from the House of Orpheus which will last several weeks. ”

Adapt the habits in the kitchen

Sometimes you need to change a few habits to incorporate more of the foods of Quebec to its revenue. Arnaud Marchand ensures that the game is worth the candle, both in the kitchen of chefs in Quebec.

In this, the online market Maturin and the site search tool Aliments du Québec is proving to be very useful. “I’m always on the lookout for new products, and new local producers. These tools give me a certain closeness with them. It allows me to try new products and especially of order online.” explains the chief.

At home, you can also push the curiosity up to try new recipes 100% from Quebec or opt for a little helping hand with the boxes of meals ready-to-cook. “Cook it” offers a special recipe Foods in Quebec. It is a nice way to plunge into the world of taste quebec and ownership through a recipe developed by a chef, ” explains Arnaud Marchand. It is an approach that is comforting, quick and effective – on the one hand because the box has a quality-price ratio very honest, but also because it allows busy people to save time and curious to explore the flavors in small amounts. “

Tell the story of Vincent, Marie-France, Léandre…

Within the agri-food production local, there is no that the product. By choosing a food from here, Quebecers also contribute to the history of its processors and its producers.

“It is a wheel that turns,” explains the chef. As soon as one chooses a product from quebec, the producers feel it right away. In addition to boosting the local economy, it allows them to extend the research and development of food here. “

These producers, Arnaud Marchand affectionately refer to them by their first names, because they are for years its allies in the kitchen. “As a chef, we encounter many producers. One learns more about their reality, their knowledge, their history. It is this that we share to people through our dishes. Finally, we hope that once the customers have tasted and discovered a product from us, they notice and then to the supermarket and choose. “says it both as a desire, but also as a sincere invitation to Quebecers.

To discover the 22 000-Food of Quebec, recipes to develop, and their producers, visit the alimentsduquebec.com.

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5 façons de manger plus local

5 façons de manger plus local

For nearly 25 years, Food of Québec supports the agri-food business in quebec through the promotion of thousands of foods here.


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