5 years since the tragic death Kuzma Scriabin: the breathed and left the life of a famous musician

5 лет со дня трагической гибели Кузьмы Скрябина: чем дышал и как ушел из жизни известный музыкант

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The leader of the group “Skryabin” Andrey Kuzmenko (Kuzma Skryabin) passed away 5 years ago. The reason was a fatal car accident. His songs are still sung and remembered by the millions of Ukrainians.

Kuzma during his school years wanted to create music myself. So, he and classmates formed a punk group “Lanzhou reaction”.

The first clip Kuzma and his team already Scriabin on Ukrainian television showed in 1995.

In addition to his musical career, Kuzma was a TV presenter since 2003, led the program “Chance” and “Sacanime”.

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Many of his songs became hits and decades do not lose their relevance.

Andrey Kuzmenko died in a car crash on 2 February 2015. He played a concert in Krivoy Rog on 1 February and returning home in his car and collided with a milk tanker. From injuries 46-year-old Kuzma died on the spot.

At his funeral gathered thousands of people who accompanied the famous musician’s last journey applause.

Ukrainian journalist and racing driver remembered a talented musician on the day of his death. He called all this a day not to think about conspiracy theories, and remember Kuzma and listen to his songs. It placed the corresponding post in Facebook.

“Just remember today Kuzma and his team Scriabin. Look, citonice, can someone light a candle, someone will motnutsya Lviv, someone will be there with the Family, and someone just thoughts with the Kuzma. Find and read Androgyny books. One. I, Victory, and Berlin. I, pate, and the Army. Recommend. I’ll include the “Porsche pan Measure”, my favorite song Scriabin and my favorite their music video. Well, Stari Fotograf. Where do without them?” -says Mochanov.

Planted. 5 years ago February 2,
at seven something in the morning I dialed a familiar gaetz gave:
“Did I Wake you? I’m sorry.

Geplaatst door Alex Mochanov op Zaterdag 1 februari 2020

Recall that Scriabin appealed to Ukrainians from the dead.

As reported Know. ua, the legendary Kuzma Skryabin immortalized in Kiev.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Ukrainians remember the last words of Scriabin, emotions impossible to contain.

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