50% discount in the shop, the pensioner gave 150 thousand hryvnia

За 50-процентную скидку в магазине пенсионер отдал 150 тысяч гривен

In Kharkov completed pre-trial investigation into the actions of an interregional organized criminal group (OCG) Scam, were selected of the hundreds of thousand of pensioners.

As has established a consequence, OPG has established in 2017 the 40-summer inhabitant of Kiev and 49-the summer inhabitant of Donetsk region from Luhansk with the help of his accomplice. As artists gained a few citizens, mostly natives of Luhansk. Almost all the participants — numerous previous convictions (including fraud). From the summer of 2017, divided into four groups according to several people, they carried out the “action” near the supermarket in Kharkiv and other regional centers of Ukraine.

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Buyers (mostly pensioners) were handed envelopes with the cards, which allegedly relied up to 50% discounts on purchases in supermarkets. Used the old scheme of “phonies”: the participant “shares” have to prove their solvency. To do this, victims were asked to put in an envelope for the card money — the larger the amount the greater the discount provided map. Then the envelope was sealed, wrapped with a beautiful ribbon and given to the participant “shares”. The next day he had to activate the card: come to the supermarket, where the Manager will print the envelope and the sum of the invested money will establish the amount of discounts, told to “FACTS” Deputy head of the Department of communication of the Kharkiv regional police Central Board Oksana Kalmykova.

However, in supermarkets the victims of the Scam were told that such actions are not carried out. And the printed envelopes were “dolls” (cut to format notes paper, which attackers quietly replaced the money) and typographically printed paper “discount card”.

Employees of criminal investigation documented in Kharkov 15 episodes, in which attackers have “earned” more than half a million hryvnia. Minimal damage done to the victim of 6 thousand hryvnias, maximum — 150 thousand.

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To arrest all the gang members had failed: they constantly changed their place of residence, often traveled from Kharkiv to other cities. However, by the end of last year still managed to hold in Kharkov first one cell, then the rest of the performers. After two months in Kiev found and detained one of the organizers. They have declared suspicion in fraud in especially large sizes on preliminary arrangement by an organized group.

За 50-процентную скидку в магазине пенсионер отдал 150 тысяч гривен

During the searches were seized several vehicles, a large amount of money, the “coupon” cards “promotional” flyers, gift notes and a backpack with ready made “dolls”. Cyber criminals threatens till 12 years of imprisonment. A number of the suspects testified. However, the main organizer and key figures to cooperate with the investigation did not go.

Currently sent to court indictments concerning the three organizers and seven performers OPG, consisting of 18 people. Since some of the episodes were considered in separate proceedings, five of the accused have been convicted, the case of another is being heard in a Moscow court in Kharkiv. Two suspects — 28-year-old woman and 32-year-old man wanted, he told “the FACTS,” the employee a press-services of Prosecutor’s office of Kharkiv region Olga Dutova.

Photo courtesy of the Department of communication GU NP of Ukraine in Kharkiv region

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