50 years ago 'Dream On' launched Aerosmith's career

50 years ago, “Dream On” 'Aerosmith


A must-have in Aerosmith's repertoire, the classic Dream On marked the beginnings of the band in a good way. born in Boston. A piece that can be found on their very first album launched on January 5, 1973 and which celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Aerosmith was born in 1970. At the time, we find vocalist Steven Tyler, guitarists Joe Perry and Ray Tabano, bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer.

Tabano will make a very short stint in the group to be replaced by Brad Whitford.

The blues-rock formation is successful, over its performances, in 1971, in the State of Massachusetts. The arrival of David Krebs and Steve Leber, in the management of the quintet, in 1972, will lead the group to sign a contract with the Columbia Records label.

President Clive Davis travels to see them at Max's Kansas City club in New York in the summer of 1972, where the band pulled out the dollars to make sure they were the only ones on the boards that night. Representatives from Atlantic Records were also on site.

Columbia Records offered them a $125,000 contract and the group released their first album, Aerosmith, on January 5, 1973. .

“We were playing in small places, we were rehearsing in the afternoon in certain clubs and suddenly we found ourselves in New York for an audition. Things then happened quickly,” said guitarist Joe Perry, in an interview published on the VWMusic site in July 2022.


< p>Dream On, the album's first single, was released on June 27, five months after the vinyl was released. It will reach the 59th position on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

The piece is however very successful on the radio stations of Boston and Massachusetts.

The single will be released again in 1975 and climb to number six on the Billboard Hot 100. A success that will allow the album Aerosmith to rise to number 21 on the Billboard 200 in 1976.

In Stephen Davis' authorized biography Walk This Way, Steven Tyler recounts writing Dream On on a Steinway upright piano in the living room of the Trow-Rico Lodge resort in Sunapee, Massachusetts. 

“I was 17 or 18 years old. This was about four years before Aerosmith's debut. It was just a little thing that I was playing and I never thought it could become a song or anything. It's a song about dreaming until our dreams come true,” he said.

Dream On, which features the prowess vocals by Steven Tyler, quickly became a staple of Aerosmith concerts. 

The titles Mama Kin, which opens the second side of the vinyl format, and Walkin' the Dog, the album's final track, will also be performed frequently by the band. 

Dream On, according to a published reader survey by Rolling Stone in November 2012 is Aerosmith's most popular song, followed in seventh place by Mama Kin.