50,000 euros fine for smashing seagull eggs with an oar

50,000 euro fine for smashing seagull eggs with an oar


We knew about the goose that lays the golden eggs, now we will also have to reckon with the black-headed gull, a protected species.

A Latvian will remember it long after he was fined 50,000 euros for crushing the eggs of this rare bird.

A judge in the Baltic state imposed this severe penalty on Artis Krumins who, then was in the spring of 2021 on an island in the north of his country, had crushed a dozen eggs of this seagull, after crossing a nest on his way.

The case could have go unnoticed if a local scientist doing research on the island at the same time had been unable to film Artis Krumins…and hand over his footage to the authorities.

“I tried to calm the breaker of eggs, but he became even more aggressive,” the scientist told the hearing.

“He started using his oars, throwing the eggs in the air and hitting them,” he testified.

“These ten eggs cost more than if they were pure gold! “Protested in his defense lawyers for Mr. Krumins, according to an article in the local media Latvijas Avize. mistake of “comparing the eggs of this protected wildlife species with a shiny piece of metal.”

“I hope this case sets a legal precedent for the protection of wildlife in our country,” he said. -he said to journalists after the judgment delivered on Tuesday.