53-year-old model showed everyone how it should look: these elastic form will deprive you of sleep

53-year-old model from Australia Donna Oman is gaining more and more followers in Instagram. Follower think for her age she looks amazing. In the comments they admire her toned figure and magnificent forms, on which Oman is actively working.

According to the model, she has a few secrets that help her save the youth, without resorting to the services of plastic surgeons. First and foremost, it called active lifestyle – daily activities and exercise more never made anyone worse. Second on the list, but not least – a healthy diet. Omani said that never in my life have not tried coffee, but it still remains a big fan of green tea.

See for yourself this 53-year-old hottie and make their own conclusions.

Recallthat the famous TV presenter Masha Efrosinina showing how trains and boasted its own results. For anybody not a secret that the 39-year-old Masha Efrosinina staring at their own figure.

In past years she was not like the model, so now she’s making up for lost time in order to match the ideal. But the grueling workouts she does not through force, but through the prism of fun. And the result can be seen immediately. Recently, she demonstrated how efficient was her training.

We wrote that many seniors complain about the size of his pension and boring life in old age. Ukrainian Svetlana Gass debunked all the myths about elderly people and even got into the Guinness Book of records, because to call it a pensioner even language does not turn. A story about wonder woman shared lawyer Michael Schneider on his page in social network Facebook.

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