568 deaths in the United States in 24 hours: “slow down the screening,” says Trump

568 morts aux États-Unis en 24 heures: «ralentissez le dépistage», déclare Trump

WASHINGTON | The United States recorded 568 deaths from the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, indicates the point daily newspaper published Saturday night by the Johns Hopkins university, which is authoritative.

It’s the tenth day on which the balance sheet of daily deaths is less than 1000 in the United States, although they remain the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, with 119 654 died on 2 251 205 contaminations officially recorded.

Approximately 20 States in the u.s. have seen lately a rebound of infections, while the epicentre of the disease in the country, moved to New York and from north-east to the south and west.

After falling to below 20 000, the number of daily new cases confirmed in the United States climbed in recent days to the 30 000 and beyond.

There are fears of a second wave of contaminations at the COVID-19, after the reopening of activities in the States and the raising massive against police violence and racism that have occurred in recent weeks across the United States.

The meeting of campaign that held on Saturday president Donald Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the first since the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19, has also been accused of risking spreading the virus.

“Slow down the screening”

Donald Trump said Saturday that he had asked the health authorities to slow the pace of screening of the COVID-19 because this caused an increase in the number of cases detected in the United States, the country most grief-stricken of the world by the pandemic.

Without clarifying if it was serious, the us president told his crowd of supporters gathered in Tulsa, Oklahoma that the screening was “a double-edged sword”.

“This is the bad side: when you do this volume of testing, there are more people, there are more cases”, he continued during this first meeting that took place during the pandemic in the United States.

“So I said: “Slow down the screening,” They do tests, and tests… “, said Donald Trump, whose management of the health crisis in the United States is widely criticized.

“He was joking of course, denouncing the media coverage absurd “, then indicated to the AFP an official of the White House, under the cover of anonymity.

Six members of the campaign team Trump have been tested positive to the COVID-19 and placed in quarantine a few hours before the gathering. Until now, relatively untouched, Oklahoma is currently experiencing a strong surge in cases detected.

The United States is the country most affected by the coronavirus with more than 2.2 million cases and almost 120 000 people dead, nearly 330 million people.

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