6 documentaries revealing the secrets of Hollywood stars

6 documentaries revealing the secrets of Hollywood stars


Who doesn't want insider access to the lives of the rich and famous? Here are documentaries to watch on various platforms, which recount, in a touching, unusual or shattering way, the ups and downs of six celebrities.

Stubborn: The Michael J. Fox Story (Still: A Michael J. Fox Story) (2023 )

We enter with emotion the daily life of the star of the films Back to the future, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease when he was at the height of fame, at the age of 29. We love the montage made up of excerpts from his films, the moments with his family – to whom the actor says he “owes everything” – and the actor's confidences which are touching without being tearful. On Apple TV

The one you think you know: Anna Nicole Smith ( Anna Nicole Smith: You Don't Know Me)

In this documentary released on Netflix on May 16, model and stripper Anna Nicole Smith is presented to us in her many facets. It's hard not to draw a parallel with Marilyn Monroe – her idol – when we learn more about the life strewn with drama and the tragic fate of this blond tornado who died at the age of 39. On Netflix

Brooke Shields Featured Child (Pretty Baby) (2023)

You have to have a strong heart to be told like this, from the mouth of the model and actress now 57 years old, her story as a star child. In addition to her incredible destiny as a daughter and a woman of great beauty, causing a stir everywhere she goes, it is the theme of abuse that strikes: that of a child wishing to please her mother at all costs and 'a cheated young woman, who had everything to learn from real life. On Disney+

Pamela, A Love Story(2023) 

Thirty years after the fraudulent disclosure of the famous intimate video shot with her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson is regaining control of her own story. Here too, the theme of exploitation and violence against women tints all the glamour, in order to make viewers think. On Netflix

Miley Cyrus Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions) (2023)

It's not quite a documentary, but rather an amalgamation of musical performances delivered in her backyard and confidences made by the one who “can very well buy flowers all by herself”. A film that was wisely unveiled on March 10, the day of the release of Miley's new album, Endless Summer Vacation. On Disney+

Selena Gomez: In All Seriousness (My Mind and Me) 2022

If the most popular actress and singer on social networks seems to have a dream life, this documentary released last year proves that perfection does not exist not. It is heartbreaking to follow the young thirties present herself in all her vulnerability along these six years of filming strewn with pitfalls (separation, depression, mental health problems, fight, operation and frequent treatments against her lupus disease). On Apple TV