6 Nations Tournament: Fabien Galthié, the denial continues but he is (finally) keeping a low profile after the sad draw against Italy

6 Nations Tournament: Fabien Galthié, the denial continues but he is (finally) keeping a low profile after the sad draw against Italy

Les temps sont durs pour le sélectionneur Fabien Galthié. MAXPPP – TERESA SUAREZ

Alors que les contre-performances s'enchaînent pour les Bleus, le sélectionneur Fabien Galthié s'enferme dans une forme de déni. 

"We have always worked like this and we will continue" : the defeat-like draw of the French XV against Italy (13-13) Sunday in Lille in the 6 Nations Tournament did not rule out the coach Fabien Galthié of his "vision".

When he appeared before the press after the meeting in the basement of the Pierre-Mauroy stadium, Galthié abandoned the peremptory tone with which he had greeted two weeks earlier the "perfect content" of the painful victory in Scotland (20-16).

Low profile

The historic draw conceded to the Italians, who should have won with a final penalty from Paolo Garbisi stopped by the post, forced him to keep a low profile for once.

Selected pieces: "It's a difficult, painful time to live through" ; "Experiencing a defeat is a crisis already in itself" ; "We're in the tough" ; "You have to be resilient". The act of contrition was not complete.

After hiding behind the data to (not) explain the elimination in the quarter-final of the World Cup, the coach locks himself in a form of denial. He repeated several times on Sunday that "not much was missing"so that its injured animals can once again become racehorses capable of beating any team on the planet.

The Blues find themselves in an impasse

"So that the painful rendering, the difficult rendering, the rendering which does not satisfy moves towards a more joyful, more pleasant and more harmonious rendering", he detailed, lyrically. After the inaugural rout against Ireland (38-17), the trompe l’oeil success in Scotland and now this Italian fiasco, the Blues clearly find themselves in an impasse, but their leader does not seems unwilling to change course.

"For the moment, we have always operated like this and we will continue to operate like this", a- he asserted. "Our way of working is first and foremost a vision. And consistency in what we do".

Change, for what purpose?

We should therefore not expect a revolution for the trip to Wales in two weeks or the reception of England in Lyon at the end of the Tournament. Scrum half Maxime Lucu drags his punishment from match to match and will never make Antoine Dupont forget ?

The pair of Danty-Fickou centers is now only a shadow of what it was ? & quot;Rugby is not the Star Academy. It’is not Koh-Lanta", replied Galthié last week, never stingy with a good formula or a long tirade to get off topic. Waterproof "public vote", to media pressure and criticism from rugby landerneau, he will still be forced to make some adjustments, dictated as often by circumstances.

Replace Jalibert and Danty

Hit in the left knee, Matthieu Jalibert should no longer play in the Tournament and probably until the end of the season. Thomas Ramos could replace him at opening, but it would then be necessary to find a new fullback, who could be Melvyn Jaminet, Léo Barré or Matthis Lebel.

The automatic suspension of Jonathan Danty after his red card will also free up a place in the center. Yoram Moefana should logically inherit it ahead of the young Nicolas Depoortère (21 years old, 0 selection) or Emilien Gailleton (20 years old, 1 selection), for whom a tenure in Cardiff, in this context, would not necessarily be a gift.< /p>

For the rest, the change is probably not yet for now and the players seem to be coping quite well with it. "Change, what for?", asked Lebel after the draw against Italy. "The day when things are going to work again, when everything is going to be back in place and we're going to get back together, no one will talk about change anymore. And we want to go in this direction". Even if it doesn't lead anywhere.

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