62-year-old Pavlo Zibrov married for the third time: details

People’s artist of Ukraine is preparing for the wedding

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Sensation! Pavlo Zibrov decided to marry for the third time. Beloved Folk artist became his lawful wife Marina! So, the lovers decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary in marriage.

Instead of the usual get-togethers arrange a big wedding – just the birthday of Marina. The wife of the singer will be 60 years and now they are preparing for the wedding.

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“In addition, my daughter will conduct the ceremony, getting ready with her now. And he (Pavlo Zibrov, – Ed.) gives money”, – tells the details of Marina.

22-year-old Diana is preparing a program for important in the lives of parents events. To mark the anniversary, the star wife will be 25-th of August in a luxury restaurant near Kiev, Concha Zaspa. Wedding dress the bride has already chosen, giving preference to the Italian manufacturer. But his friends are still undecided.

“Friend should be the one who has lived with her husband for many years – more than 25. For example, Rybczynski (wife of Eugene rybczynski – Ed.). She and her husband celebrated their Golden wedding. It would be very good if she agreed,” – says the Director-and wife Zibrova.

The artist himself wasn’t worried about the organization, since trust the taste of his wife, and another – suddenly, the wife will change her mind and at the altar will change your mind to marry him: “I’m afraid that she’ll answer.”

Earlier, Pavel Zibrov made an unexpected confession about filming the movies.

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62-летний Павло Зибров женится в третий раз: подробности

62-летний Павло Зибров женится в третий раз: подробности

62-летний Павло Зибров женится в третий раз: подробности


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