6ix9ine accused of sexual assault : he could spend more time in prison

6ix9ine accusé d'agression sexuelle : il pourrait passer plus de temps que prévu en prison

6ix9ine accused of sexual assault by his ex Sara Molina : he could spend more time in prison

The rapper has been sentenced to 2 years in prison. A reduced sentence because 6ix9ine has cooperated with the forces of law and order. And if Tekashi could even hope to get out even earlier than expected, eventually, he could stay there for a few more years. In fact, her ex Sara Molina, who accused him of rape and violence would have contacted lawyers. This alleged sexual assault is therefore likely to increase their time behind bars.

6ix9ine : his ex accuses him of rape

Sentenced to 2 years in prison (24 months), 6ix9ine could come out earlier than expected. Not only because he has already served 13 months, but also because he has worked with the justice. Only here, finally, the rapper may be released much later. Why ? According to MTO News, her ex Sara Molina, who is also the mother of one of her children, was contacted by lawyers in the district of Brooklyn, of the unity of sex crimes.

And she told them that Tekashi would have assaulted and raped. Sara Molina had already accused 6ix9ine of rape and violence in February 2019. It was told that she would have been beaten by the star during he would have sexually abused her. And there, the young woman would have all reported to the special unit that specialized in sexual assaults in order to initiate a procedure against her former boyfriend.

He could spend 15 years in prison

So, instead of going out in November 2020 in prison, or even in August 2020 for good behavior and cooperation with the police, 6ix9ine could still remain a good time in the shade. In fact, Daniel Hernandez, his real name could lead to 15 years behind bars with these new charges. That fact that instead of next year (2020), Tekashi may not be a free man before 2034.

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