6ix9ine in jail : rapper freed sooner than expected ?

6ix9ine en prison : le rappeur libéré plus tôt que prévu ?

6ix9ine condemned : the rapper could be released from prison earlier than expected

Sentenced to only 2 years in prison, 6ix9ine could get out even earlier than expected. In fact, the rapper could be freed for his good behavior as an inmate. Especially that Tekashi has cooperated with the police and the justice by turning against his former gang and playing the balance.

6ix9ine could get out of prison in 8 months

This Wednesday 18 December 2019, the verdict of the trial of Tekashi fell in New York. 6ix9ine has been sentenced to 2 years in prison by judge Paul Engelmayer. In addition to this penalty reduced as compared to the many years that he could be at the start, the rapper has also been sentenced to 5 years probation and 300 hours of community service. Except that on the 2 years confinement, the artist has already spent 13 months behind bars, so it would have 11 months in prison. The inmate could be free as early as November 2020.

According to TMZ, 6ix9ine could even get out of prison even earlier than that. In fact, one of his lawyers, Master Lance Lazzaro, leaning more on a release at the beginning of the month of August 2020. In the clear, in less than 8 months, Tekashi could perhaps regain freedom.

A reduction of sentence for good behavior ?

Why is this reduction worth ? The lawyer of 6ix9ine explained that his client could be freed for his good behavior in prison. Not only did he not make waves since he lives in a cell, but in addition, he has collaborated with the police and the judiciary throughout his trial.

As a reminder, the one that was part of the dangerous gang Nine Trey Blood swayed the other members to the police force to serve a prison sentence shorter. A cooperation, which earned him a sentence less severe than expected. In working with police and apologizing, even in a letter to the judge, he would have been able to so much to see and so could even ask for an early release.

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