6ix9ine soon found : it sends a letter of apology to the judge and request a second chance

6ix9ine bientôt jugé : il envoie une lettre d'excuses au juge et demande une seconde chance

6ix9ine soon found : it sends a letter of apology to the judge and request a second chance

After having played the pookies and helped the police to démenteler the gang to which he belonged, 6ix9ine will be held the 18 December in New York. The rapper trying to get out of prison, he wrote a letter of apology that he sent to the judge. In the document, Tekashi 69 beg the man of law to give him a second chance.

“I apologize to the victims”

The american rapper really wants to leave prison and regain his freedom. And for that, he is ready for anything. After you have balanced everything he knew about Nine Trey Bloods, and has helped dismantled the gang to which he belonged, 6ix9ine has sent a letter of apology to the judge. The one that will be held on Wednesday 18 December 2019 New York, may indeed big, who is referred to by 17 counts, including drug trafficking, armed robbery, shootings and possession of an assault rifle.

In the document written by Tekashi 69 that Page Six and TMZ have been able to procure, Daniel Hernandez, his real name, said : “I apologize to the victims who have been affected by my actions. I apologize to my fans who look at me and have been misled. I ask forgiveness of my family depends on me and the Court for this mess that I have caused”.

“I have no justification and no excuse good enough in this world to explain my crimes” was even added 6ix9ine, “During my incarceration, I’ve had time to reflect on the carelessness and the foolishness of my decisions. I wake up every morning wondering if it was worth it”.

“I was relieved when I was arrested”

Decided to get out from behind bars, the rap star said in his letter : “I know that my life will never be the same but I hope that this change will be for the better. Because beyond all of that, I always consider myself as an example for millions of people as an artist, as a celebrity and as a human being”.

He even went so far as to insured : “I was relieved when I was arrested by the government because I felt stuck”. “The gang in control of my life and I had the impression that I could not escape their grasp. I needed to do something before it is too late,” he explained before pleading with the judge to give him a chance : “I’m really sorry for the evil I have done. If they give me a 2nd chance, I’m not going to leave off the court and I will devote a part of my life to help others and not to repeat the same mistakes”.

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