7 models of sneakers vegan shopper to get the style without the animal cruelty

7 modèles de sneakers vegan à shopper pour avoir du style sans cruauté animale

Stan Smith by Stella McCartney, Veja, Nat-2… sneakers vegan shopper

The sneakers are THE fashion shoes that go well with everything, in addition to being extra comfortable in everyday life. Even the stars wear on the red carpet, as they have become a trend. But what is even better, its the sneakers vegan, ideal for the style but also the respect of the environment and animals. The new Stan Smith by Stella McCartney, Veja, or Nat-2, check out the pairs to shopper without guilt.

Stella McCartney x adidas

Stella McCartney had already reworked the Stan Smith version of vegan, and here, again, the creative English has repeated the operation. The daughter of the famous singer of the Beatles has always advocated a mode without animal cruelty and the use of plant-derived materials, or recycled. The new collaboration, Stella McCartney x adidas unveils the Stan Smith vegan canon with laces in the colours of the rainbow. Stella Stan new price of 250€, to purchase from the December 2, 2020.

Sean Wotherspoon x Guess

You had also talked to Sean Wotherspoon, who is a partner to Guess the time for a capsule collection titled Farmers Market. The owner of the shop vintage RoundTwo even imagined sneakers vegan ultra-colourful, all as trendy as those he created for Nike. Side price and release date, we are still waiting to learn more.


Undisputed queen shoes vegan in France, Veja has opened its first boutique in Paris on 5 November 2019, in the third district of the capital. But most importantly, the company committed to continuous renewal. The evidence with his pair of sneakers vegan-based waste corn. A base of canvas, the Campo is then coated with C. W. L. (organic cotton waste and corn). Count 115€ for these shoes.


Other mark frenchy to prove its know-how and commitment ? Juch, who with his Taranta Pinya has released sneakers made from pineapple to 160€. In fact, the Piñatex is a process with fibers extracted from pineapple leaves to create the vegetable leather. A process is used more and more.


VGTL, a contraction of “plant”, is also in the vein of eco-fashion. Our blow of heart ? The model ASPIDIACEAE V2, to 149€, available in black, white and navy blue.


The germans also have their brand of sneakers vegan : Nat-2. Their products are made of cork, natural rubber, water-based glue, in recycled bottles, and even coffee recycled. Yes, they make shoes with a basis of coffee grounds. It should be noted that the model Coffee Dark Brown of this line costs 350€.

Mats Rombaut

The belgian Mats Rombaut provides luxury models from bark of tree, stone, natural rubber, or coconut fiber. We also love ! Our blow of heart ? The Boccaccio Platinum autumn-winter 2019 at 295€.

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