7 movies that feel the holidays

7 films qui sentent les vacances

The construction holiday to end, but the summer is not ended. To stay in the atmosphere, The Journal offers a selection of films whose action takes place during the summer holidays, and all of which are available on video on demand. To your pop-corn !

Tu dors Nicole

(2014), with Julianne Côté and Marc-André Grondin

Featuring young people in early twenties, this film is a hymn to idleness. While the parents are gone for the summer and left the house with the children, you pass the time by playing music with the band in the living room, one strolls, one wanders. The humour refined, Stéphane Lafleur pierces the screen. Black-and-white to mark the timelessness of the story.


(2014), with Jean-Carl Boucher and Sandrine Bisson

Have you ever enjoyed a beautiful evening to try to come to Dagobert with counterfeit cards ? Ricardo Trogi has made it so that a lot of other nonsense in this film, which tells with humour of all the moments in the summer which preceded his entrance at college.

Before Sunrise

(1995), with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke

By a summer night, an encounter between two young travellers in a train from Budapest to Vienna will mark the starting point of both a love story on two decades, and the famous trilogy of the Before (Before Sunset and Before Midnight will follow) by Richard Linklater.

Dirty Dancing

(1987), with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey

A timeless classic for all the romantics of the world, who never tire of revisiting Johnny wear Baby at arm’s length during the final choreography.

A summer without point or sure

(2008), with Patrice Robitaille, Pier-Luc Funk

This message is to those in their forties in amount : if you have ever been a ti-ass who dreamed of playing for the Expos in attempting to understand how to throw a fucking curve ball, this is the film for you.

Call Me By Your Name

(2017), with Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer

Another romance of the summer, this time camped in the heavenly setting of the Lombardy region, and a binding agent, a 17-year-old on a vacation to an american student older in a pension in his family. Rarely the turmoil of a first love was not filmed in a way as masterful.

Stand By Me

(1986) with River Phoenix, and Bill Wheaton

The cult Film of the 1980s, which depicts with great realism the transition from childhood to adolescence, this adaptation of an autobiographical story of Stephen King brings to the scene the four friends of 12 years who depart in search of the corpse of a boy their age who was hit by a train. In one of his the most memorable roles, the late River Phoenix’s brother Joaquin – burst onto the screen.

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