7 new intimate revelations from Jennifer Lopez

7 new intimate revelations from Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez has announced that she will be releasing a new album in 2023. In an exclusive interview on Apple Music on Monday, the singer made many revelations about her newfound love with her new husband Ben Affleck, her new album This is Me… Now – sequel to the album This is Me… Then, 20 years later – and the pain of their 2004 separation. Here are 7 revelations from this interview.  

The love of her life: Ben Affleck has always been the man of her life

“20 years ago, I fell in love with the man of my life,” says the 53-year-old diva. I was working on an album and I wanted to capture the essence of this moment in my life. I haven't made another album like this since. »

His suffering after their separation

“It was my biggest heartbreak of my life. I felt like I was going to die, Jennifer Lopez says of her split from Ben Affleck in January 2004. I was in so much pain, for so many years. My way of surviving was to throw myself into work and hide that side of myself. My pain has always been private, hidden from the world. »

The media and public attention of the time destroyed their couple: « The external energy that came to us destroyed us »

The superstar describes as an unfair circus what she experienced during her first ultra-mediatized relationship with Ben Affleck. “However, in a strange way, it propelled us, each on our own. We both went into high gear in our respective careers, but not together. We needed to prove ourselves to the world. For her, the journey to discover and love herself will have lasted 10 years.  

Her children: “My children saved me”

The singer explains that having children forced her to stop going into destructive relationships. “They made me think about myself, says the one who got married last August. Now I wonder: what will they think of me before making a decision. ” Her children force her to reveal herself to the world as she really is.

Her reunion with Ben Afflek 20 years later: “ It was immediate! We knew! »

“When we got back together, we came back into each other's lives at the right time,” says the singer and actress. We are both very sure. She said the inscription “Not. going. Anywhere. engraved in her engagement ring is a nod to Ben's signature in the emails he sent her when they got back together. 

His message of love to the world: “If, like me at some point, you have lost hope, almost given up: don't do it! »

“True love exists, some things last forever,” says the new bride. And it is real. I want to send this message to the world. But it takes a lot of vulnerability. Now, 20 years later, there's a happy ending (laughs). It was time for me to redo an album and capture this perfect moment of my life, because it's even better than the first time! »

His new album This is Me… Now: « This new album is me, reunited with the man of my life »

This first album in 8 years scared the singer at first. She finally composed it in two months! “When I feel good, I write music,” she says. When he (Ben) came back into my life, the same thing happened as for the album from 20 years ago: inspiration and emotions! This album is me saying: here is what I am now, reunited twenty years later with the man of my life who is my greatest admirer and support.

  • Jennifer Lopez's interview with Zane Lowe can be found on Apple Music.