7 winter films to (re)discover

7 winter films to (re)discover


Do you like the snow, but not the cold and frostbite that January brought us? In that case, opt for a daycocooningwith these seven film suggestions that will allow you to appreciate all the joys of winter. .. while staying warm.


Whether for the impeccable work of the Coen brothers, the breathtaking performance of Frances McDormand, the deliciously quirky black humor or even its fascinating plot, Fargois one of those classics that we make a point of reviewing every year. 

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< em>The Ascent

We have all done crazy things to impress the loved one. But Samy Diakhaté pushes the exercise very, very far: he promises his sweetheart to climb Everest in order to prove the purity of his feelings for her. This charming adaptation of the autobiographical tale by Nadir Dendoune – the first Franco-Algerian to reach this peak – proves that love can almost literally give wings or, at the very least, inspire some of the greatest feats. 

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Until the Decline

Réal Bossé, Marc-André Grondin and Marilyn Castonguay star in this thrillerwhere a group of seasoned survivalists find themselves facing a catastrophe even more terrible than those for which they are prepared. In the face of adversity, real characters take over and differences of opinion become explosive… and violent. 

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< h3>The Snow Queen

Yes, you may have Freed, Delivered (or Let It Go, it depends) in the head for at least a week. But it's a small price to pay to (re)taste the divine magic of The Snow Queen. Disney has truly outdone itself with this Nordic fable that brought Broadway star Idina Menzel to the mainstream. 

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It is often called “the other Frozen” , just to avoid any confusion with the famous Snow Queenfrom Disney. Forget here the good feelings, the jingles and the adorable snowmen; filmmaker Adam Green stages three friends stuck in a chairlift who will have to show resilience and resourcefulness in order to avoid certain death. Thrills guaranteed.

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Groundhog Day< /h3>

With the pandemic that has besieged us for two years – and its perpetual air of déjà vu – it is with a very different eye that we now look at Groundhog Day, this classic from the 1990s where a meteorologist (Bill Murray) keeps reliving the same day. 

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< strong>The Toque War

The classic. The timeless. Obviously, we never need a specific excuse to find Ti-Guy La Lune, Chicoine, Sophie Tremblay and company. But January is probably the best time to reconnect with this friendly band of heroes for an afternoon cocooning with – or without – the children. 

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